Ultimate Guide to Importing Japanese Used Cars to Bermuda

Introduction Importing a Japanese used car into Bermuda offers a great combination of quality and value. This guide covers the essential steps, regulations, and costs for Bermudians looking to bring in a vehicle from Japan.

Regulatory Compliance

Vehicle Age and Specifications

  • Only cars less than four years old can be imported.
  • Cars must be owned by the importer for no more than six months before shipping.
  • Specifications include a maximum length of 175 inches, width of 71 inches, engine capacity up to 2,500 cc, and a power to weight ratio of 10.5 kg/kw.

Shipping and Port Details

  • Port of Entry: Hamilton
  • Shipment Time: 24-36 days via RoRo
  • Vessel Schedule: Monthly departures

No Pre-Shipment Inspection Required

  • Vehicles require standard export procedures including deregistration and export certificates but no additional inspections.

Taxation and Duties

Custom Duties and VAT

  • Custom duties are calculated ad valorem based on the transaction value:
    • Passenger vehicles: 75% on the first $10,000 and 150% on the remaining value.
    • Vehicles with 10+ seats and hybrids: 33.5%.
    • Goods transport vehicles and motorcycles: 33.5%.
  • A 7.5% VAT is applied on the CIF value (cost, insurance, and freight).

Import Documentation

  • Bill of Sale
  • Certification of Title
  • Overseas vehicle registration or approval letter for motor taxis
  • Emissions Certificate
  • Owner’s handbook and vehicle brochure

For Returning and New Residents

  • Duty exemptions may apply for those moving to Bermuda or returning after more than one year abroad. Documentation like a Transfer of Residence Certificate is necessary for claiming relief.

Recommended Japanese Used Car Exporters For reliable and efficient service, consider the following exporters based in Japan:

  • SBT Co. Ltd.
  • Be Forward
  • EVERY Co., Ltd.
  • Qualitex Trading
  • Autorec Enterprise Ltd.

These companies are known for their comprehensive vehicle selections and exceptional customer support, making them ideal partners for importing cars to Bermuda.

Top Recommended Japanese Used Car Export Companies for International Customers

Conclusion Importing a used car from Japan to Bermuda is a viable option that combines affordability with high standards. By adhering to local regulations and leveraging reputable exporters, Bermudians can enhance their driving experience with a quality vehicle tailored to their needs. Whether for personal use or commuting, a Japanese used car provides a reliable and cost-effective transportation solution in Bermuda.

If you want to know more details about Japanese used vehicle exporting, please refer to Wikipedia.