Toyota Wish Review

An MPV is the perfect vehicle for anyone who likes living on the edge. Do you have a big family? A delivery business? Are you a fleet owner? An MPV will work well for you in any case. A great one to look at is the Toyota Wish. The exciting vehicle first came out in 2003. It stayed in the market till 2017, ending more than one and a half-decade of dominance. The Toyota Wish received only two generations.

Exterior Looks

In terms of looks, the Toyota Wish is a very simple van. After all, the only thing it needs to achieve is practicality and it does not need to look good to do that. The minivan has a simplistic design with tall headlights and a very basic front fascia. Nothing really to be excited about. The rear resembles other Toyota models of the era.

In the second generation, Toyota made slight improvements to the exterior. The biggest change came in the headlights. The huge and bulky lights were removed and small yet beautiful ones were introduced. The rear changed as well with a set of rectangular taillights and a smaller rear windscreen.

Engine Dynamics

It takes power to carry weight and since the Wish is a heavy vehicle, Toyota added some of its powerful engines to the mix. The 1.8 L and 2.0 L engines were provided in the first generation. The 1ZZ-FE and the 1AZ-FSE. The two powertrains were teamed up with a 4-speed automatic CVT-i transmission. You could expect impressive fuel economy out of these engines.

In the second generation, Toyota enhanced the roster leading to a new set of powertrains. The engine capacity was kept the same but the models changed. The 1.8 L 2ZR-FAE and the 2.0 L 3ZR-FAE were introduced. The new engines were mated to either a 4-speed automatic or a 7-speed Super CVT-i.

The Toyota Wish came in both 2WD and 4WD variants. The bigger powertrain was paired with the four-wheel trim.

Interior Dynamics

In terms of the interior cabin, a lot could be said about the Toyota Wish. The MPV was designed to be spacious and comfortable. You could fit six to seven people inside with room for storage in the back. The Toyota Wish was given a very futuristic dashboard. Two-spoke steering with buttons for stereo volume control was added. Other than that, an infotainment system, a/c, and navigation were introduced.

In the second generation, the interior was beautified even further with a new driver information screen, leather-wrapped steering, leather seats with heating and cooling. A lot more features were added compared to the previous model.


The Toyota Wish dominated the MPV market for its class, for a reason. It earned the place thanks to its durability, practicality, and the trust of Toyota’s name. The Wish is discontinued and replaced by something better but Toyota fans still love and wish that they could get more.

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