Toyota ToyoAce Review

Toyota is renowned for its durable vehicles. It doesn’t matter what they build, anything with the name of Toyota is worth buying. The Toyota ToyoAce truck is one example. It is a light to medium-weight truck that first came out in September 1954. It was initially called the Toyopet Light Truck but in 1956 the name was changed to ToyoAce. The commercial vehicle was so successful that the company never stopped making it and production is ongoing to this day.

The ToyoAce truck is the perfect vehicle for movers, fleet owners, construction company workers, and those who belong to the delivery industry. The vehicle is well-built with a strong engine backing its claim. It also came in various body styles to fit the needs of the customer.

Toyota has now shifted the newer models to hybrid technology, which means that the ToyoAce is also future-proof.

Exterior Design

The first iteration of the ToyoAce was not physically attractive. The truck followed a very European-style design philosophy, which meant that there was little attention paid to its aesthetics. The truck debuted with two round lights in the front with a small rectangular grille. The back was simpler with two small stoplights. The design was changed for the second generation, but instead of improving, Toyota worsened the exterior. The second-gen got two huge headlights with two small ones just below them.

For the third generation, the exterior was considerably improved. The old design philosophy was abandoned as Toyota entered a new era in the 70s. The front fascia changed to a more dominant look with a big grille and imposing headlights.

A few years later, the fourth generation and then the fifth generation came out, both of which looked similar. The design also changed for the sixth, seventh, and eighth generations.

Engine Performance

The first-ever ToyoAce came with a 1.0 L inline-4 ‘Type S’ engine that produced around 30 hp. The power was later increased to around 33 hp. The second-generation ToyoAce got the same Type S engine but the facelift model in 1959 got a renewed version that made 44 hp. Later on, the heavier variants got a 1.2 L ‘Type P’ and the 1.5 L R engines.

For the fourth generation, the entire lineup was scrapped and a new range of 1.35 L and 1.6 L gasoline engines were offered. The diesel variant was also proffered with a 2.5 L capacity. This powertrain could ooze out 69 hp. In the future generation, the L-Type engine was introduced while other options remained the same. The current generation comes with hybrid technology.

Interior Cabin

The ToyoAce being a light commercial truck did not get many features inside the cabin. The interior was as simple as it could be. A simple dashboard that showed basic details was the norm until the modern truck got the latest technology like navigation, A/C, stereo, and more.


The Toyota ToyoAce speaks reliability and nothing more. There is a reason this truck is still in production while many of its competitors have perished along the way. The ToyoAce is the best choice for light and medium weight commercial duties. No other truck comes even close.

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