Toyota TownAce Van Review

We seldom see a van dominating so much in the automotive market but the Toyota Townace is one such vehicle that defies all odds. The vehicle was and still is an attractive offering by the Japanese brand. The vehicle has seen a lot of changes over the years but all of them have been positive. Currently, the TownAce Van competes against the likes of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter so the competition is tough but Toyota is winning. 

Exterior Styling

A van should be accessible and practical at the same time. In other words, if you want to load and unload cargo the feat should be very easy. The more time you waste in the process, the bigger the loss for you. The TownAce van has a sliding door and foldable seats to allow users to enter the vehicle wherever possible.

The TownAce doesn’t win any awards for its beauty but it scores some points for making a name for itself using its incredible reliability. The van has two sliding doors for entry and exit. The hatch is provided in the back for even easier access to space inside. Buyers can even opt for a sunroof, which allows extra light to illuminate the windowless models.

Interior Dynamics

The TownAce van’s interior is designed for comfort and space. As such the front-row seats have been intelligently designed to provide the highest amount of comfort to the driver and passenger. The dashboard has a flurry of features including air conditioning, and a stereo sound system along with other stuff. The sunroof models have easily accessible controls for the driver to manage closing and opening the roof.

The vast rear seating area has sufficient space for many passengers. Many people use the TownAce van for their business, picking and dropping people from their designated locations. Some even use it as a cargo van since the sliding doors are more convenient.

Engine Performance

The TownAce van was built with commercial applications in mind, meaning the engine had to be powerful enough to support the weight that the van carried. Toyota did not disappoint with its remarkable roster of reliable powertrains. The company introduced many different engines in the TownAce van.

The first generation used 1.8-liter gasoline and a similarly rated diesel engine. The entire powertrain line-up was upgraded for the second generation and Toyota brought the 2C and 3C diesel along with the 7K gasoline engine to the mix. The same engine roster continues till today with slight upgrades made to the performance of the engines.


The Toyota TownAce van is so good that it is still in production today, nearly 4 decades after it was first introduced. The TownAce name has been kept in production while the largely similar LiteAce was discontinued. Even though the TownAce is available as a new model, you can still find many old models on the roads. The fact that it happens is a true testament to Toyota’s commitment to reliability and durability.

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