Toyota Succeed Van Review

The Toyota Succeed passenger car and the Succeed van are not much different from each other. Both look identical and have the same features under the hood and inside the interior. The looks are pretty similar as well. The only difference is that the van is more cargo-oriented, in that, you do not have third-row seats, which makes room to add more cargo in the rear. The second-row seats are also removable to make way for more luggage.

The Toyota Succeed van enjoyed a relatively successful time in the global market. It is still in use today even though the final model came out of factories in 2020. Many people love it for its durability, reliability, and perfect handling.

Exterior Looks

The Toyota Succeed is not built to visually impress. However, it is not an ugly vehicle by any standards. The dominant front-end with a large grille and huge headlights give the van a decent exterior aesthetic. The rear is quite simple as well with large taillights and a hatch-door for ease in loading and unloading operations.

Toyota offered a facelift version in 2014, which enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the van. The front fascia changed in favor of an elegant design. The rear end stayed largely the same with a few tweaks to keep things interesting.

Interior Cabin

Since the Succeed van is crafted to be cargo friendly, there is not much in terms of passenger comfort. The driver seat is upright and there is not much legroom in the front row. If you are a tall individual, you might find it hard to sit comfortably in your favorite position.

Toyota has added an infotainment system, air-conditioning, and airbags but other than these things there is not much that can boast about. The cargo space is phenomenal, especially if the second-row seats are removed. You get tons of space to store important cargo.

Engine Performance

Like the Toyota Succeed passenger car, the van model gets the same 1NZ-FE engine. The popular powertrain is one of the most economical ones created by Toyota which is why you will see it in many vehicles. This engine does not have a parallel when it comes to providing excellent fuel economy.

Toyota even offered the Succeed van in a hybrid variant for further cost-saving. The hybrid system allows you to save as much as 50% of the fuel compared to the regular gasoline model. The Toyota Succeed hybrid houses a modified version of the 1NZ-FE. It is called the 1N-FXE and it is only found in Toyota’s hybrid vehicles.


The Toyota Succeed Van is perhaps one of the few wagons to attain massive popularity among the car community. Family people love it, fleet owners like it, and all those people who are looking for practicality and reliability in one package. The van does not provide much in terms of looks but if that is your thing, then the Corolla Fielder is a better option. That vehicle has the same reliability but with better looks.

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