Toyota Raum Review

Toyota has produced many vehicles with various body-styles. The fact is that almost all of them have been received well by the public. The Japanese manufacturer rarely makes something that fails, and the Toyota Raum MPV is one such vehicle. The family-friendly automobile made its debut in 1997 and stayed in the market for two generations. The MPV finally retired in 2011, enjoying fourteen years of success. The Toyota Raum was only produced for the Japanese Domestic Market.

Its German-inspired name translates to space, room, or chamber. The Toyota Raum embodied the same nature with its expansive interior space.

Exterior Aesthetics

An MPV is either used by large families or by fleet owners who use it for their business. Therefore, the vehicle’s design does not matter a lot. However, no-one wants an ugly-looking vehicle, which is why Toyota gave the Raum a delightful appearance. The first-generation that was in production for six years, had a very sedan-like design. MPVs look more like bulky vans but not the Raum. The company’s head engineer supervised the production and so there was more focus on the performance and reliability rather than the looks. As a result, the Toyota Raum resembled a station wagon rather than an MPV.

By the second-generation Toyota mixed up a few things and redesigned the Raum MPV. The designers did a better job this time around The front was modified to look more dominating and the rear was made more attractive.

Interior Cabin

The Raum signified space and comfort but Toyota did not forget the aspect of practicality. The car was intelligently designed to allow passengers to move inside and enter the vehicle from outside. The conventional style doors were abandoned in favor of large ones that allowed rear passengers to enter the back from the front with ease.

The Raum has a simplistic dashboard with very basic equipment. The dash has a stereo system with a small screen, A/C, and the gear shifter. The driver information panel is moved to the center like in the Toyota Vitz. The seats are covered with fabric but they are very soft and comfortable.

Performance Parameters

The Toyota Raum was specifically crafter for the daily commute. Therefore, one of the most economical engines was added to the vehicle. The first-generation got the 1.5-liter 5S-FE that provided excellent mileage without underpowering the MPV.

The second-generation Raum received the 1.5-liter 1NZ-FE VVT-I with a 4-speed automatic gearbox. The combination proved to be fruitful for the MPV as it earned a positive appraise.

Moreover, Toyota Raum had several upgrades throughout its lifetime that helped enhance its safety. Toyota added EBD brakes to the mix and then HID headlamps, a key fob system among other things.


The Toyota Raum is a reliable everyday commuter that is perfect for families and fleet owners. The vehicle can be used for cargo as well as for the one-off picnic trip. The fact that the vehicle went through two generations means that the Raum enjoyed decent success.

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