Toyota Mark X Review

The Toyota Mark X name is synonymous with performance and attractive looks. The car made its debut in 2004 as a mid-size sedan and it stayed in production for more than a decade. The Mark X was introduced as an upgrade to the Toyota Mark II and it picked up the reins and continued Toyota’s legacy in the sportscar world.

The Toyota Mark X came out as an attractive new offering by Toyota, and it soon started its contention with the Toyota Crown. However, the latter was known for its luxury aspect rather than its sporty nature. Young fans and car enthusiasts loved the Mark X so much that you can still see some of its earlier iterations in the market today in prime condition.

Exterior Design

Mark X’s design was ahead of its time when it was revealed in 2004. Many people believe that the looks are so futuristic that they are relevant even today. Thanks to its long and bulky front-end, the stylish rear, the car fit right in with the vehicles of today. The second generation was perhaps a step further, with the iconic ‘X’ on the grille and a set of new taillights and bumper to improve the overall aesthetic. A set of facelifts enhanced the overall look of the vehicle until the final version which came out to be one of the most beautiful.

The Mark X special edition came out in 2017 as the phasing out model. The car was given a proper farewell, never to return to the Toyota ranks.

Interior Styling

The Toyota Mark X got one of the most stylish interiors after the Crown in the Toyota lineup. The first generation had a lot of wooden accents in the mix, as was the trend back in the early 2000s. However, as soon as the trend shifted, so did the Mark X. The luxury sports vehicle made use of leather and other exquisite materials instead of wood when the tides changed. The Toyota Mark X was always relevant for the fans as it adapted to the trends and made relevant changes.

Inside the cabin, the Mark X has enough head and legroom to accommodate even the tallest of individuals. The plush interior has a lot of leather and still a bit of wood as an ode to earlier times.

Performance Dynamics

The Toyota Mark X was supposed to be a high-performance mid-sized sedan and it proved to be just that. The vehicle received an exciting new range of V6 engines that were available in two specifications. You could opt for the 2.5-liter version or the 3.5-liter model. Both the powertrains had a difference in output. The 4GR-FSE made a decent 200 hp while the 3.5 liter 2GR-FSE made 316 hp. Toyota also made a GR version of the sedan which could produce a whopping 355hp with its supercharged engine.

The Mark X remains an epitome of Toyota’s performance vehicle lineup. The car is unmatched in the mid-size segment.


The Toyota Mark X is unmatched in its appearance and performance. Many still love this vehicle to this day due to its relentless acceleration, comfortable interior, and futuristic styling.

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