Toyota Mark II Review

The Toyota Mark II is one of the Japanese brand’s successful models that made its presence known in the 1970s. The Mark II was initially marketed as the Corona Mark II but by the second generation, the company shortened the name and kept it as The Toyota Mark II. It was also sold under the Cressida nameplate in some foreign markets between 1976 and 1992.

The Mark II was a mid-sized sedan that was known for its comfort and luxury. To this day, only a few other vehicles come close to this masterpiece that was made in Toyota’s Motomachi plant.

Exterior Design

The initial version of the Mark II was a bulky compact-sized car with a boxy design. IT wasn’t the most attractive vehicle around but the Corona Mark II was the stepping stone in what was going to be a successful car.

For the second generation, Toyota expanded the wheelbase and made the car more spacious and comfortable. Moreover, the design was completely renewed, with hints taken from the famous Toyota Crown. As a result, the Mark II name got a bit of news time. The vehicle racked up healthy sales globally and that prompted the Japanese brand to do even better for the next generation.

The Third generation Mark II was where the fame saw an exponential increase. The car received American muscle car type styling with hints of British elements in the DNA. The result was an attractive-looking executive automobile that was not short of a head-turner.

The fourth, fifth, and sixth generations were very similar to the Corolla and Crown vehicles being produced at that time. However, the seventh, eighth, and ninth generations were entirely different and unique.

Interior Styling

The Mark II theme was supposed to embody luxury and comfort and that is what Toyota delivered. The few initial generations fell a bit short in this regard but the third generation and onwards all the models received a stylish interior cabin with wood elements, leather, a sunroof, and a stereo system. The seats were soft and adjustable and the headroom as well as the legroom highly accommodating.

The Mark II proved to be a necessary stepping stone between the Corolla and Crown models. The Corolla and Crown were crowd favorites so there was no point in the Mark II being a failure.

Engine Performance

The Toyota Mark II always had a focus on performance. The vehicle got some of the most iconic engines Toyota ever produced. Toyota offered the car in various engine specifications suiting the needs and wants of all kinds of customers. As such the Mark II receives the 2R engine, the 18R, the 2M and 4M, the 3T, 1G, 5M, and the 1G-GTE.

All the mentioned powertrains were known for their cutthroat performance. That’s not all, the Toyota Mark II went on to host some other renowned engines such as the 1JZ-GTE and the 2JZ-GE. Both of these engines are tuner’s favorites, which shows how performance-oriented the Mark II was meant to be.


The Toyota Mark II remains a fan favorite in many parts of the world and people keep it well maintained to this day. There is no doubt that the Mark II deserves a high-ranking place in Toyota’s list of legendary models.

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