Toyota LiteAce Van Review

The Toyota LiteAce was introduced in several body styles, including a van. It was an instant hit among fans who were looking for a spacious and long-lasting vehicle. The van entered the market in the 1970s and immediately racked up impressive sales figures. The impetus was just enough to convince Toyota to produce a second generation and then a third. The company kept on producing one successful model after another and the enthusiasts couldn’t get enough of the performance of the LiteAce van.

Exterior Styling

The idea behind a wagon or van is to be practical and easily accessible. In other words, passengers should be able to board and exit the vehicle without facing difficulties. The LiteAce made that possible with a sliding door and foldable seats.

The LiteAce isn’t the most beautiful van out there, with its bug-like headlights but it is one of the most iconic. The van has a sliding door on each side with a hatch-door at the back for loading and unloading of cargo. A sunroof is an option on some models – a feature ahead of its time.

Interior Dynamics

The LiteAce van’s interior is highly comfortable and spacious. The driver and front passenger seats are satisfyingly comfy and are evenly placed against the dashboard. The dash has options for air conditioning, stereo, and other amenities. In models with a sunroof, the controls are conveniently placed near the driver so that he/she can trigger the window.

The expansive rear seating area holds enough space for several passengers. Some people use the LiteAce van as a daily commuter, picking and dropping people from their designated locations. Others use it as a cargo van since the sliding doors are more convenient.

Engine Performance

The LiteAce van was built with commercial applications in mind, meaning the engine had to be powerful enough to support the weight that the van carried. Toyota did not disappoint with its remarkable roster of reliable powertrains. The company introduced many different engines in the LiteAce van.

The first generation used 1.8-liter gasoline and a similarly rated diesel engine. The entire powertrain line-up was upgraded for the second generation and Toyota brought the 2C and 3C diesel along with the 7K gasoline engine to the mix. The same engine roster continues till today with slight upgrades made to the performance of the engines.


The Toyota LiteAce van is so good that it is still in production today, nearly 4 decades after it was first introduced. The LiteAce name has been discontinued and the model has merged with TownAce but the soul is still the same. The LiteAce and TownAce models ran parallel with each other for many years but Toyota decided it was too much work to keep both the models alive. Nowadays, you can only find a TownAce around you, but given the reliability of Toyota’s vehicles, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if you find a LiteAce still sputtering around in town.

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