Toyota has produced some of the world’s most reliable and dependable vehicles, over the years, that have made the name ‘Toyota’ synonymous with high-quality. The Toyota LiteAce truck is an example of the brand’s commitment to production excellence. The commercial truck came into existence in 1978 and it became so popular that the Japanese marque kept on producing it for many years.

Exterior Styling

A truck needs to be practical and reliable for it to be considered as your go-to commercial vehicle. It shouldn’t be a problem to load and unload goods on the pickup. Moreover, the truck should be able to support tons of weight for it to be relevant for various operations. Toyota produced three generations of the LiteAce truck, with minor changes made to the design.

The third generation LiteAce truck has a simplistic design DNA. The brand wasn’t looking to make the vehicle look attractive. At first glance, you can understand that there is more focus on the notions of practicality and durability. The truck’s bed is large and spacious, allowing ample cargo to fit inside. If you want, the LiteAce can be fitted with a cab to store perishable items or other sensitive goods.

Interior Dynamics

Pickup trucks are usually not very comfortable, and they do not have too much space in the cabin. However, they are comfortable for the driver so that he/she can drive around town without getting tired. The LiteAce follows the same philosophy but adds a bit of spice to make things interesting for the user. The truck has a well-aligned seating position and easy-to-move steering to keep things comfortable. The later model trucks have air-conditioning, the anti-lock braking system, and a four-wheel-drive as standard, keeping in mind modern requirements. Toyota offered airbags as an option, meaning extra safety could be added with a slight bump in price.

Engine and Performance

The Toyota LiteAce pickup truck had the 1.8-liter 7K-E gasoline engine, which was later upgraded to the 2.0 liter 3Y-U. Both the engines had inline-4 cylinders that delivered power to either the rear-wheels or to the four-wheel-drive system.

The diesel variants, on the other hand, ran the incredibly potent 2.0 liter 2C powertrain, which was abandoned in favor of the 2.2 liter 3C-E. The latter was the heart of the LiteAce truck until it was discontinued in 2004.

The power from both the diesel and gasoline variants went through either a 5-sped manual or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.


The Toyota LiteAce truck was the backbone of the company’s commercial offerings. The truck was famous for its powerful engine and durability, which is why Toyota not only made record sales domestically but they also exported the truck to other countries. At times the name was changed when the LiteAce was introduced in foreign markets but the design and engine performance remained the same.

The LiteAce truck can still be found on roads today in places like Africa, South Asia, and Australia. The powerful truck is discontinued but it remains in the hearts of Toyota loyalists.

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