Toyota HiMedic Review

Toyota has a rich history of being a brand that looks out for the welfare of the people from time to time. They are a huge company and they offer their social responsibility in the best way possible. A testament to their commitment to human welfare is the HiMedic van. It is a variant of the famous Toyota HiAce van and it is specifically designed to be an ambulance.

The first generation came out in 1992 and it was produced at Toyota’s Yokohama Plant. The H100, as it was called, went on sale in June of 1992.

Exterior Looks

The Toyota HiMedic was based on the HiAce so this version had only a few changes to the exterior design. The obvious additions were the inclusion of the emergency lights and sirens on the top and the sides. The color was also changed to that of an ambulance. A complete white with red stripes was added and the inverted ambulance sign as well.

A unique version of the HiMedic was also produced which was based on a different variant of the HiAce. Then the second generation came in 2006, which was based on the new generation of the HiAce.

Engine Performance

The first-gen HiMedic came with a 4.0 L 1UZ-FE V8 that performed exceptionally well. The V8 engine is one of the most powerful Toyota powertrains of that era, so it is no surprise that it was included in an ambulance. An ambulance always needs that extra bit of oomph to go faster and reach its destination quicker.

In the second generation, Toyota went with a 2.7 L 2TR-FE with a four-speed ECT-iE transmission for better performance. The smaller engine reduced the overall weight of the vehicle, resulting in better performance times.

In the latest update on the HiMedic, Toyota added its host of safety features to make the ambulance safer from any accidents. Ambulance drivers must drive fast and skillfully to get the patients to an ER on time. The change in time could mean a difference between life and death, so they have to be safe and quick at the same time.

Toyota  Safety Sense adds extra features to the HiMedic such as pedestrian assist, rear-view parking sensor, anti-collision system, and other gadgets to keep everyone safe. It also has a panoramic mirror that allows the driver to maneuver in enclosed spaces.

Interior Cabin

The Toyota HiMedic is designed for medical purposes, which is why there is no focus on luxury. The front has two seats and a beefed-up dash that has comms, navigation, and other important stuff. The rear-end is used as a small emergency room. There is space for a stretcher, oxygen cylinders, a ventilator, and other useful emergency equipment. The Japanese company has crafted it to be practical in an emergency.


The Toyota HiMedic isn’t available for the public but you can witness it on the roads. This vehicle is fast, agile, and it has all the safety features that you would want in an ambulance. After all, to save lives, you have to be safe, practical, and fast at the same time.

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