Toyota Hilux Truck Review

It is not every day, that you get to witness legendary vehicles. They are usually very rare and difficult to spot but some of them are ubiquitous. An example is the Toyota Hilux. The truck has made a name for itself over the years and it has become somewhat of a legend in recent years. Toyota started making the pickup back in 1968 and it is still in production in many countries of the world. The Hilux earned its status thanks to its durability and reliability. You will hardly see one broken down even if the owner is abusing it to the max.

The Hilux dominance has spanned for eight generations, which is more than fifty years of success. What makes it so great? Let’s find out.

Exterior Looks

The first-ever Hilux has a very ugly retro design. The indicators were interestingly placed near the top of the bonnet, making the truck look funny at first glance. The Japanese automobile manufacturer solved that by removing the indicators and placing them into the chrome bumper in the second generation. The new Hilux looked almost similar but better than the last version.

Then with the third generation, Toyota made significant improvements to the front fascia with a revised new grille. The four headlights were replaced with two, whereas the chrome bumpers remained. The fourth-generation was like a facelift for the Hilux. The only major change was the shifting of the indicators from the side of the vehicle to the front. The rest remained pretty much the same.

During the fifth generation, the biggest change in design was offered by Toyota. The overall ride height was increased, the body lengthened and the aesthetics changed as well. The chrome bumpers were abandoned, the grille was changed and the lights were reduced in size. In the sixth generation, the grille was again changed thanks to a facelift.

The rear-end remained the same throughout all the generations. However, things evolved in the seventh generation and further as the Toyota Hilux got a fresh new redesign.

Engine and Performance

The Toyota Hilux can conquer all with its powerful range of engines. Toyota sells it with several different engine specifications to meet every person’s need. Initially, the Hilux had five engine options but all of them were gasoline variants. Later on, in the second-gen, the number of offerings was reduced to three. Diesel was first offered with the third generation, while the gasoline powertrains stuck on for longer.

By the fourth generation, more diesel variants were introduced to meet the demands of the customers. As if now, Toyota offers more diesel trims than gasoline trims. The top of the line version is a 4.0 L V6 and in the diesel trim it is the 3.0 L turbocharged engine.

Interior Cabin

The Hilux has a lot of space in the back in its bed but the passengers might cramp for space in the cabin. The truck is not built for comfort so if you have that in mind, you should change your thoughts about buying one. Other than that, you have a/c, navigation, and a stereo system to aid you.


The Toyota Hilux needs no introduction and neither does it need a sales pitch to sell so well. It is the single most best-selling truck by Toyota. That doesn’t happen if it is not good.

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