Subaru WRX STI S209: Is it technically a Product of the Brand?

We know WRX STI S209 is not only expensive and the fastest car! Do you know what makes it different from other models of the same brand sold in America? In this article, we will discuss why Subaru did not technically make the S209 model.

The 341 HP STI S209 was debuted at a Detroit Auto Show. Right from that time, the car was called the fastest STI model of Subaru. It is also the first S-line car and an expensive machine yet.

The first model was S201 that was introduced in 2001 and belonged to the S-line family. The first car of STI’s own came back in 1992, i.e., Legacy RS Type RA. An attractive fact that very few of you might know about is that Sumaru does not build the S209 in reality.

As per the words of North American business planner for Japanese automaker Yoshihide Yano! Therefore, S209 Subaru’s production quality standards were not met to what is needed, like the way STI wants it makes the sports cars.

Thus, Subaru initially performed the assembling process of S209. Further, they transfer the job to the STI assembly facility to complete it. So it’s entirely a different factory as per the press sources where Subaru notes were published.

The factory is well known to make vehicles for fire departments and other unique cars known as the Kiryu-Kougo subsidiary. So the production of S209 happened in a completely different manner. Generally, Americans have not seen such a method in typical WRX STI car models since 2004.


What is the main reason?

There are some related statements of Yano taken from one among the interviews. ‘A car is built by meeting to a certain technical standard…People enjoy their cars in many different ways.”

The WRX STIs production starts on the regular line but, after its completion, will get ‘sold’ or shipped off to STI. The assembly of other models of WRX STI finishes at the main production facility of Subaru.

The main reason behind it is that Subaru’s standards and ways for mass production limit performance cars’ production. So once the product reaches the hands of the performance brand, the car would be loaded with new performance parts.

It includes but is not limited to flexible rear & front draw stiffeners and front-strut adjustable tower bar. The list also comprises unique Dunlop GT 600 265/35R19 performance ties and new STI’s 19×9 BBS wheels. You can find all details about the vehicle from the official site of Subaru.

So the S209 cat needs to be homologated by STI to make it legal for sales in America. It might otherwise be problematic due to the production differences for this new S-line model.

The maximum capacity of STI is to build only five cars per day. As per Takatsu, they can make only two vehicles per day during the S209 production process. It is indicated that they might also do STI modifications on the production line of Subaru. However, for mass production, the assembly line has vast limitations.

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