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The rise of SUVs and crossovers has made sedans less popular, fortunately, some sedans are still faring well in the global market and Toyota Camry is one of them. Its popularity can be estimated by the fact that it was the seventh most sold vehicle in the United States last year, outselling even its cheaper sibling Corolla. The mid-size sedan made its debut in 1986 and quickly gained a good reputation due to its spacious cabin, comfortable ride, and a class leading reliability. The car has undergone several changes over the years and currently, its eighth generation is being sold throughout the world.

The 2021 Camry is miles ahead from its previous boring design thanks to Akio Toyoda’s vision of “No more boring cars”, the front bumper features swooping gloss black grills which are now a part of the brand’s design language, you would struggle quite a bit to find any halogen light as the company has used LED lights both in the interior and exterior as well. The bonnet features prominent lines on both sides which adds to the sporty character of the car. The exciting design language continues to the rear of the car, the bulging curves on the two corners of the backside compliments the overall character of the car. The wide dimensions of the Camry make it stand out from the rest of the cars and allows for broad backlights that almost start from the center of the boot lid and continue all the way to the mid of the rear fender.

Depending upon the variant, you can also select a dual-tone paint scheme where the roof is painted black. This paint scheme blends well with the car and highlights its athletic character, you will also notice a change in the rim size and pattern when moving from lower trim levels to higher ones as the upper trims are equipped with bigger wheels, though the smaller ones are also good looking and do their job perfectly.

Just like the exterior, the interior has also been totally revamped. The dashboard features a 3-tier design of which the top layer is made of high-quality soft plastic, a fake dark wood is used on the second layer that starts just below the first one. The same wooden garnish is used on the majority of the center console, the last and the bottom-most trim of the dash is covered in leather with a stitching pattern. You’ll also find silver surrounds and garnishes around several pieces of equipment such as the A/C vents and the door handles.

One of the most exciting things about the new Camry is that it adds several features as standard which are offered as optional features in competitors. Satellite navigation,  LED headlamps, powered adjustable seats & steering wheel and a digital driver’s display are some of the standard features included in every variant of Camry. Toyota has also paid due attention to ergonomics, everything is well within the reach of the driver, and the presence of physical buttons even on climate control and infotainment system makes tasks much easier, especially when you are driving. The touchscreen interface may look flashier and modern but to be honest, it is far less practical than the physical buttons as many of you may have experienced it by yourself.

The superb comfort level of the Camry is a known fact and the new model takes this to the next level with its well-cushioned and bolstered seats. The long wheelbase and super-soft suspension setup further add to the overall comfort level of the car and makes it glide over bumps and potholes. However, a softer suspension setup and a heavier body mean that you’ll have to give up some of the handling characteristics which should not be the main concern as the majority of Camry owners use it for cruising on motorways or driving around the town.

The car has a lot to offer when it comes to practicality which is one reason why it is such a successful sedan in the US as people there love practical sedans. There are plenty of cup holders to hold your beverages in place, the storage space inside the armrest runs deep and can accommodate several items, furthermore, the glove box is also decently sized. There is ample leg and headroom available for both the passengers in the back and front as well, three people can comfortably fit in the back seats as the car is wide enough to accommodate them. The mid-size sedan is capable of carrying a good amount of luggage in its trunk thanks in part to the hybrid batteries placed under the rear seats and a cargo capacity of over 15.1 cubic feet. You can fold down the rear seats if you want to place longer items.

Powering the Camry is a 4-cylinder 2.5L hybrid engine that is mated to a CVT transmission. The engine pushes out a decent 208hp and 221Nm of torque. Some markets do get the V6 version which produces over 300hp but the basic 2.5L engine has enough grunt for your day-to-day needs and cruising on the motorway, however, you might not like the groaning and the rubber band effect of the CVT gearbox. The combination of a CVT gearbox with a hybrid power train and a record-breaking 41% thermal efficient engine means that you’ll get an impressive fuel average of approximately 50mpg (21 km/l) highway and city combined.

The sedan Is equipped with an array of safety features which means that you and your family can travel with peace of mind. The new model comes as standard with safety equipment such as 8 airbags, emergency brake system, ABS and EBD brakes, lane departure warning, tire pressure monitoring, blind-spot monitoring system, and adaptive cruise control. All these features helped Camry attain an overall 5-star safety rating in crash tests.

The price of Toyota Camry varies from country to country but in the U.S it starts from around $25,000 and can go all the way up to $35,000 if you decide to go for the top-spec variant. This price level makes it an attractive option for a lot of price-conscious customers considering the fact that it is also offered in a V6 option as well.

Overall, Toyota Camry is a great package that provides excellent value for money. Its superb build quality and an excellent reliability track record makes it one of the bestselling sedans in the world. The new hybrid power train has drastically improved the fuel economy which lowers its running cost and environmental impact as well. The mid-size sedan is still relevant in 2021 in case you are worried that its resale will be poor in an era of SUVs and crossovers. The car should be your number#1 choice if you are looking for a sedan that provides a comfortable ride and at the same time consumes less fuel and continues to roll down the streets for a long time without requiring any major repairs.

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