Toyota Alphard Review

The era of minivans may have long been gone but some automakers are still sticking to this traditional segment of vehicles. Some of the modern minivans feature remarkable improvements over their predecessors and have been successful in luring loyal SUV users. One such minivan is the Toyota Alphard that has been in production for two decades. The seven-seater is produced in Japan and can also be found in various other countries either in its brand-new condition or as a second-hand vehicle.

The older generations of Alphard portrayed rather simple and boring design language typical to other Toyota vehicles of that era. Nonetheless, it was one of the first vehicles to incorporate Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive which still remains one of its strong selling points. Its ability to carry over seven people at a time and deliver impressive fuel economy has proven to be the strongest reason why it still performs well in many regions.

The third and the latest generation of Alphard made its debut in 2015. It features major styling upgrades and new powertrain options that gave the minivan an entirely new soul. The refreshed front end looks strikingly similar to the Toyota Crown, in fact, it won’t be wrong to say that the new Alphard is essentially a minivan version of the company’s luxury sedan. The side profile remains simplistic, though, the back end has grown more prominent all thanks to extended tail lamps and a more rectangular tailgate. The luxury minivan has also grown in size, the wheelbase, width, and overall length have been extended that further makes the Alphard a roomier vehicle. The height, however, has decreased slightly which provides better handling and stability at higher speeds.

Comfort and a spacious interior have always been one of the strongest points of Alphard and Toyota have improved these aspects with each new generation. The interior style has been inspired by other flagship Toyota SUVs which remains true to older generations with bits and pieces such as a wooden trim added to enhance the overall modern touch. The six-seater version has all individual seats to provide a luxurious experience to each occupant. The seven-seater edition does not lag far behind, though, the second-row seats include an additional seat for another passenger.

Unlike other vehicles that have a negligible and unusable amount of space for third-row occupants, Toyota Alphard has always provided ample space even to third-row occupants.

Toyota Alphard has always been offered with bigger engine options or hybrid variants that punch out ample power to match its size and people carrying capability. A wide variety of engines ranging from a four-cylinder battery-assisted motor to a V6 motor are available. The power output ranges from 150hp to a commendable 300hp for the V6 version. The newly developed V6 variant is available for sale in several countries and provides enough grunt for comfortably cruising at highway speeds. The hybrid version on the other hand provides excellent fuel economy considering the size of this 7-seater.

Since the Toyota Alphard is categorized as a luxury minivan, therefore, it has all the modern features you expect from a vehicle of its class. Toyota’s all-new safety pack has been added to the latest generation which further strengthens the safety of occupants. In addition to the safety pack, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring system, full LED headlamps, parking sensors, electronically adjustable seats, panoramic sunroof, and a standard high definition infotainment system are some other noteworthy tech features added into the new generation.

Toyota Alphard has been the brand’s flagship minivan that has kept the minivan segment alive due to the continuous improvements introduced over time. If you are looking for a luxury minivan that can accommodate six-seven people comfortably and provides good fuel economy, in addition to several flashy features then Toyota Alphard should be your #1 choice.

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