Toyota Allion Review

Sedans have traditionally been the #1 choice for many people especially those with families. The main reason for their popularity is the practicality they offer which makes them accommodate 4-5 people and their luggage comfortably. Different automakers are offering sedans; however, Toyota has been one of the best sellers of such vehicles for a long time and the company has consolidated its position quite well. Sedans are offered in several sizes, the most popular of which are the mid-size and compact sedans. Here we will discuss the features and characteristics of Toyota Allion, aka, the twin sister of Toyota Premio.



Toyota Allion used to have a classic Toyota exterior that was minimalist and boring. However, things have changed with the current generation of Allion that made its debut back in 2016. It boasts a contemporary exterior that is pleasing to look at and the similarities between the new Allion and Premio aren’t hard to notice and even a layman can point them out at a first glance. The front main grille has been widened just like any other modern car and the signature pyramid-shaped logo of Allion can also be seen in the center of the grille which goes well with the rest of the car. The side profile is more or less the same when compared to the previous version, though, the quarter panel now has a noticeable arch. The rear end follows the same trend as the side profile, and it remains largely untouched. Nonetheless, it is a good thing for people who prefer a beefy yet decent look.


The interior, just like the exterior is instantly recognizable as something made by Toyota. The new model retains the wooden trims across several parts including the center console, however, now they are only installed in one color which is a shade of maroon. The rest of the interior can be availed in two color schemes that include black and beige. A beige interior would be a better choice if you want a roomy and bright interior that does not seem claustrophobic. In addition to wooden trims, some silver-painted trims can also be found around the infotainment system, steering controls, a/c vents, and on the door panels.


Toyota Allion is a feature-packed sedan that offers a wide variety of features to you as standard. The main headlights have bi-xenon lamps that can be switched to both high and low beams. The interior welcomes you with plenty more features such as digital climate control, infotainment system, digital driver’s display, and all four automatic windows. The infotainment system though smaller in size is pretty useful and has all the options one expects from a good infotainment system. Both the infotainment system and digital driver’s display can be controlled via the steering controls. The availability of cruise control makes long drives a very pleasant and comfortable experience.


The new Allion can be bought in mainly two engine configurations. One is a 1500cc engine while the other version is powered by a 1800cc motor. Both of these engines are mated to a CVT transmission that contributes to a better fuel economy. If you want more power than the 1.8L engine is the way to go, the 1.5L motor will provide a slightly better fuel economy.

Overall quality:

The overall quality of Toyota Allion is typically what you expect from a Japanese-made vehicle. It has various high-quality plastic materials and all of the parts are well put together and there are no abnormal gaps in between various panels. Such high-level precision ultimately provides a better driving experience.

Comfort & practicality:

Comfort and practicality are the two main selling points of Allion, and Toyota has further refined these two aspects. The seats are even more well-cushioned, and the soundproofing has been improved to a noticeable extent. The sedan has ample room for five normal-sized adults, even though it is categorized as a sub-compact sedan. The boot space is also plenty enough to store 3-4 large suitcases.


Toyota Allion is a very sought-after sedan in many countries and the refreshed version has further made it an attractive option. Its reliability and comfort have been acknowledged by many people and the practicality and fuel average it delivers makes it an ideal choice for people looking for a smaller version of Toyota Crown.

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