Nissan Juke Review

Nissan is one of the world’s oldest automakers and was formerly known as Datsun. The company sold nearly 3.2 million vehicles worldwide and came in at 6th position in 2020. A vast lineup of vehicles is offered by the brand and nearly all of them are well recognized throughout the world. However, the spike in the sales of SUVs means that Nissan is also selling more crossovers and SUVs than sedans. The Juke is the automaker’s compact crossover that has been offered for sale since 2011 and today we will take a look at the facelifted version of this crossover.


Nissan Juke was notorious for its ugly exterior and the majority of people thought of it as an ugly crossover. However, the perception was changed in 2019 when the company decided to bring its refreshed version. Although the newer version shares some looks with its predecessor, it does have undergone some major changes that contribute to its better design language. To begin with, the front end has been completely redesigned and it now looks much similar to other Nissan vehicles which is a good thing. The mini-SUV retains the big round headlamps, though, their lamps have been converted to LEDs which add a modern touch when combined with the sleek daytime running lights. Moreover, the radiator grill has now been concentrated towards the center that is surrounded by the signature chrome lining that is in sync with the brand’s design language.

The side profile is nearly identical to the previous version, apart from some visible deep grooves and black trim that runs throughout the whole side profile. The small wheels are replaced by bigger alloy wheels that really go well with the rest of the car and several contrasting paint schemes can be availed as an optional extra. The biggest surprise however comes when you take a look at the rear end, it is completely redesigned from the ground up and looks much better with its horizontal taillamps and deep cuts ingrained into the trunk. The addition of a roof spoiler together with a high mount brake lamp is like a cherry on top of a cake. Lastly, the new Juke also features a sloping roofline that has become a common sight in many modern SUVs and crossovers.


The interior has also been comprehensively revamped just like the exterior. Depending upon the variant, you get soft velvet textured touchpoints that provide a feeling of an expensive vehicle. The steering wheel is similar to what you find in other cars made by Nissan and the round air vents resemble an airplane’s engine. Moreover, you also get white stitching on black seats which looks nice and adds to the overall quality and design of the interior.


Nissan Juke offers decent practicality for its size and can accommodate four adults and one child easily. As with any crossover of its segment, the Juke also has compromised headroom in the rear due to a sloping roof, though, it is only problematic for people having a height of 6 feet or more. Furthermore, there are many storage spaces available for smaller items and beverages and the total useable boot capacity is 422 liters which is significantly greater than some of its rivals which in turn means it can easily accommodate several large suitcases with some room to spare.


Unfortunately, the new Juke is available in only one engine option which is a 3-cylinder 1L turbocharged motor that is kind of underpower since it generates only 117 hp and 180Nm torque. Another disadvantage of being a 3-cylinder engine is that it vibrates quite a lot which is a generic flaw in such powerplants as they are inherently unbalanced.

The availability of a 6-speed manual transmission partly overcomes the weakness of the 3-cylinder engine and allows you to rev all the way up to 6000 rpm. You can also get it with a CVT transmission if you want maximum comfort and convenience, though, you should stay away from it if reliability and a fun drive are your main concerns

Driving experience:

Nissan had also upgraded the suspension system for the 2019 model which is a bit stiffer system than the previous one. However, a tad more stiffness means that you get to handle tighter corners much more confidently even though the power output might not match the sporty character of the suspension system. The obvious tradeoff will be an increased number of jerks that you will have to bear which is a tradeoff some people are ready to take.

Safety equipment:

The new version is well equipped with safety equipment to protect you in case of an accident. ABS brakes are standard across all variants and the presence of front and side airbags in addition to pre-tensioner seatbelts help in minimizing the impact of a crash on the occupants. ISO-fix anchor points are available as standard across all the variants to provide protection to children which gives a sense of peace of mind to their parents. All kinds of emergency braking systems are integrated into the crossover to stop the vehicle in case the driver hasn’t caught a glimpse of the obstruction ahead. The lane assist system works with the help of road markings and aids the car in traveling in a specific lane. All of these safety features have helped the Nissan Juke attain an excellent overall safety rating of 5-stars which is certainly no mean feat for a vehicle of this size and price.


Nissan Juke comes with all the latest tech equipment you expect from a modern crossover even though you may have to upgrade towards upper trim levels for premium features such as an infotainment system and a premium Bose audio system. The infotainment system is intuitive and can be connected to any phone wirelessly. The manual parking brake has been replaced with electronic which frees up space for more storage. Other features such as push start button, partial digital driver’s display, steering controls, and heated seats further make the driving experience more relaxing and enjoyable.


The new Nissan Juke features several upgrades over its predecessor and provides an overall refined experience to the user. However, it lacks decent power output and it still has the remnants of the old version’s weird exterior looks that are hard for some people to swallow. In my opinion, you should only consider the new Juke if you are a die-hard fan of Nissan otherwise there are better options available in the market at nearly the same price.

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