Nissan Quon Review

Nissan Diesel made quite a few successful trucks in its lifetime. Some of them are still running to this day. However, the newer models are not short on commitment. The brand-new models are more capable and intelligent than the old ones. The Nissan Quon is an example. This heavy-duty commercial truck is one of the most popular in the Eastern part of the world. It is currently made by UD trucks, which shot off from Nissan not too long ago. It competes against some other excellent trucks like the Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great, Isuzu Giga, and Hino Profia. However, the Nissan name is older than the others, so it takes precedence

Exterior Looks

Since the Nissan Quon is a modern truck, it looks the part. The beautiful lights, the protruding side mirrors and the large tires are some of the few things that make the Quon an attractive offering for the consumer. The truck has been the same since it was introduced in 2004 but in 2017 facelift was brought to attention. It didn’t change anything much except a few things on the outside.

A huge truck should not look very attractive as its only job is to carry and haul weight. Therefore it should have immense torque and the capability to be stable at high speeds. If the truck focuses more on beauty, all other factors might be ignored. Having said that, there are still some trucks out there that are beautiful, like the Tesla electric truck.

The Nissan Quon is a heavy-duty truck and as such it is available in various sizes. You can get one with two axles, three axles, four axles and more. The truck is designed based on your specifications. If you are going to carry a lot of weight then the 6×6 vehicle should be your choice. However, if its not much weight you are carrying, then the 4×2 or 4×4 could be your option. Whatever you choose, the Nissan Quon is built to perform like a beast.

Interior Dynamics

The Nissan Quon has a single cab design, which means you don’t have extra space in the back to store some personal stuff or to lay a mattress and sleep. Such a feature is available in American trucks and even European truck. These vehicles have double cabs, with so much extra space in the back that you would never have to book a motel when you are looking to stop. You can turn on a generator or extract solar power and sleep like a baby in the back.

The Nissan Quon is made for the Asian market, where long-distance driving is not very common or possible. The accommodations are much better so there is no need for an extra cabin.

Engine Performance

The Nissan Quon has an incredibly torquey engine that can conquer any hill or mountainous climb. After all, you are not going to test the durability of your vehicle while driving on a straight road. It will be tested in a climb. The Nissan Quon uses a range of inline-6 engines that have huge combustion chambers. As a result, the powertrain produces north of 400 hp and sometimes even more.

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