Nissan Latio Review

The Nissan Latio is also called the Tiida in many formal markets, but in the Far East the former name is used. The Latio is subcompact car which is available in several body styles. You can opt for the sedan variant or go for the hatchback model.

Nissan introduced the car in 2004 and it is now in its third generation. The Latio earned more than decent success in the automotive market. It earned a lot of fame in the Middle East and the smaller Asian countries, owing to its very easy handling and fuel – efficient powertrain. The consumers who bought the Latio were never disappointed by this durable car.

Exterior Looks

The Nissan Latio looks like an unexciting sedan. In other words, there is nothing special about the car for it to be a head turner. The first generation, resembles the Toyota Vitz and it competes with the same model as well. The big headlights and the slanted taillights are a beautiful addition to the car.

In the subsequent generations, the Latio name was no longer used and the Tiida nameplate was carried forward. Therefore, the Nissan Latio only enjoyed a single generation and was discontinued.

Interior Cabin

Since, the Nissan Latio is an old vehicle, do not expect it to have the technology and luxury of any modern vehicle. Inside, an all-black simple interior theme was chosen. A slight use of silver was added to the dashboard and the door handles. The Latio had a/c and a small multimedia screen. It didn’t Android Auto or Apple CarPlay back then. It is also not sure if the car had a reverse camera or not. However, given the economical nature of the vehicle, the camera wouldn’t have been there.

The Nissan Latio had power windows, power sidemirrors and lots of space in the center console. Here you could find a small space to store things. Another space was provided on the top of the screen, where you can store sunglasses or cards. The Latio also had two airbags for passenger safety.

Engine Dynamics

The Nissan Latio came with foru engine options. You could go for the more common 1.5 L inline-4 drivetrain that produced decent power. Next in line came the 1.6 l engine that made a bit more power and it was also an inline-4 specification drivetrain. For the adventurous customer, Nissan offered a 1.8 L engine which was the most powerful out of the three. Moreover, a 1.5L diesel powertrain was also made available.

All the engines were mated to either a 5-speed manual, a 6-speed manual or a 4-speed automatic CVT transmission. The latter is an interesting choice, but 4-speed gearboxes are not very efficient in terms of fuel economy and power delivery.

The Nissan Latio made its ground in many countries across the world. It was successful model, which is why you will still find it running in many countries today, even though the model is old. That’s the ting about durable cars, they never leave the loyal customer’s mind.

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