Nissan Big Thumb Review

When you drive a multi-ton vehicle, a thump is exactly what you need to show your presence on the road. The Nissan Big Thumb creates a loud rumble as it moves across the road. The heavy-duty commercial vehicle does not joke around when it comes to performance. Trucks like the Big Thumb, need to have good endurance capabilities and safety as well, since these trucks run day and night in challenging situations.
The truck first came out in 1990 after the manufacturer saw a rise in the vehicle’s demand. The Big Thumb remained in contention for being the best, until 2008, after which it was discontinued in favor of something better.
Exterior Looks
In terms of looks, the Nissan Big Thumb resembles every other commercial vehicle. You get to see the dominant front-end, large headights, and immense power coming along the road. The truck’s exterior does not have a very eventful rear, but that is the part you won’t see the most.
Interior Cabin
The cabin is all you have in the Nissan Big Thumb, as there is no place to add or remove from the vehicle. Other than that, you get a cockpit style mainstream dashboard. The older trims might non have it but the preset ones do. It is not fun to drive a long-haul truck and stop being fun. Driving a truck needs skill. You must go to a driving school to learn through the experiences or the nearest truck driving academy to get registered and start performing in your career.
In big trucks like the Big Thumb, there is a sleeping area right behind the seats so the driver can rest and relax when there is time on his/her hands. This feature is not available in the older models, but it can be found in the more recent truck. You will get a cockpit-style dashboard that will be enough to keep you impressed.
Engine Dynamics
Since, the Nissan Big Thumb is a heavy-duty vehicle, there are chances of it getting stuck in a hill or on a steep location. To solve this, the manufacturer has come up with an ingenious idea. The plan to put some of its strongest diesel engines into the truck. Currently, Nissan offers 8 engines. That was for the last generation, mind you.
All the powertrains can be mated to either a 12-speed semi-automatic, or a 12-speed automatic. Moreover, there is a manual available for the hardcore old school drivers. It is a 7-speed manual, which is capable of extracting the most amount of torque from the engine.
The engines used are either an inline-6 specification or a V8-spec powertrain. In some models, where there are more than two axles involved, Nissan has put in a remarkable engine. The V10 was used in some models to outpace the competition.
Final Thoughts
The world would come to a standstill, if trucks like the Nissan Big Thumb stop working. These truck are essential for daily delivery of goods. Nissan built the truck for daily use and drive as well. Therefore, you should appreciate it more if you see it in public.

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