Nissan Atlas Review

Nissan doesn’t hold back, when it comes to competition, even if it is Toyota and Mazda they are competing with. A good example of their commitment to be the best is the Nissan Atlas. The lightweight truck/ commercial vehicle first came out in 1982. It was a raging success and so liked by the Japanese community that they never stopped buying it. The Nissan Atlas is still available for purchase as a brand-new commercial truck. The Nissan Atlas proved to be game changer as it was adopted by several other manufacturers who sold it as a rebadged version. Toyota made its own, but Mazda copied the Atlas to some extent. The Atlas is renowned for its durability and practicality, which is why you can see many of these trucks on the road today. The first model came out in 1982 and it is still under production.

Exterior Looks

There is not much to admire in the Nissan Atlas. It is after all a commercial truck so there are no exciting lines or curves to entice the buyer. The vehicle has a dominant front-end as is customary for commercial vehicles. The commercial truck has been in production for over three decades and it is about to enter its fourth next year. But even then, Nissan has not changed a lot in terms of the truck’s exterior.

The design was refreshed a few times during its stint, which has made the truck look much better. The latest Atlas looks to be well-built and poised to keep the competition at bay for longer. Many people used it as a camper as well, by fitting a trailer or a custom motor home on top. The move put the Ford Transit and other RVs in jeopardy.

Interior Cabin

To start off, the truck only has space for a maximum of three occupants. However, you should be safe and go with 1 passenger only, while the other drives. The initial Nissan Atlas had a very compact cabin that could only house two people and in that model the seats were a bit upright as well, causing back problems for the people.

The company has changed a few things here and there according to the specification of other markets. So, you will not see a streamlined interior. All in all, a stereo and an  A/C are must otherwise it would be difficult for you to drive.

Engine Performance

The Nissan diesel engine range makes its way to the Nissan Atlas along with a flurry of gasoline engines. The diesel engines have always been more popular, with buyers ignoring the gasoline version for the most part. The first-gen came with two petrol engines while the list of diesel powertrains was pretty detailed. Nissan offers five diesel variants, which includes a powerful turbocharged version as well.

Later on, inline-6 model engines were also offered but that was very late in its stint. The Nissan Atlas comes in two weight class specifications. You can either buy one with a 1 to 2 ton weight carry in capability, or the larger and more powerful 4-5 ton. No matter what you choose, you will end up with a wonderful vehicle.

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