What’s so interesting about the Biggest Auction of Used Cars in Japan?

There is a high demand for Japanese cars worldwide, and hence they are the topmost exporters even in the market of used cars. You will hardly find any place in the world where Japanese vehicles are uncommon.

More than 4 million cars are exported from Japan each year; about 1.4 million belong to secondhand vehicles. People who want to buy a used car can get it through various means from Japan.

E.g., by approaching directly to an auction site, personally visit, or take the help of a local contact to check out the online dealer listings. A recommended option is to go with USS Auctions, known as the largest Japanese used cars source. They sell cars both to their native people as well as internationally.

Where are the Auctions organized?

USS’s Noda location (about a one-hour drive distance from Tokyo) is the biggest among the ten different areas of such auctions in Japan. The main reason behind it is that about 10k cars are passing here daily.

The place seems like a car park with thousands of vehicles than inside an auditorium or big arena. Likewise, the second biggest, i.e., with a record of around 8k cars per day, is Nagoya. The rest of the locations have approximately 4k vehicles in a day.

At the Noda location, the auctions are organized only two times a week here, i.e., on Thursdays and Tuesdays. Also, not everyone can participate in bidding for a car in this place since it is allowed only for USS Auction’s paid members. Like dealers, their existing members vouch for newbies with any collateral such as real estate.

There are two indoor halls at USS Noda where buyers can bid on cars, with about eight auctions that can occur at a specific time. Every single auction lasts for just a few seconds, so the bidders need to act fast to close a deal.

There is a desk where a bidder can use two controllers to bid, almost like an arcade game. People can get here occasional regrettable rewards, instant assurance, and a bright light ambiance. The overall feeling is not much different than what you get while dealing with slot games or a claw machine.

How to Participate?

People need to take the help of shuttles to find their car of interest among different sections of the lot other than walking too long. It can help them to save the time and effort required to find out the cars and inspect them properly in person before bidding on them.

In this manner, a bidder can directly proceed to paperwork and collect the vehicle after winning the auction. So cars are regularly moving out from this ‘Supermarket’ in every hour of the auction.

The choices here are limitless among different classes of cars like exotics, classics, and tuner. Right at the entrance, you can find a great selection of fancy cars to grab buyer’s attention, like Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Aston Martin.

However, there is much more exciting stuff to be explored around the lots like new Supras, BMWs, Mercedes, or even a cool model of Nissan. The collection is regularly changing from time to time! So with each new auction ranging from fast hatchbacks, drift-spec, to a separate section intended for 90’s sports cars of Japan.

Most buyers here are dealers who are buying vehicles for their inventory. Likewise, sellers can show their cars that they have received for exchanges. Among all, USS is the top most reputable suction site all over Japan.

What are the Benefits?

Every car here can get a fair grade rating provided after checking the machines by independent inspectors. And, to maintain full transparency, all information about each vehicle is held on sheets. The record is kept along with the photos taken from the legendary surveillance camera.

Dealers can also use the impressive facility after getting a USB key after paying a subscription fee every month. They can access the USS Auction database from any other place and place bids on cars of their choice. Many dealers only use the vehicles trusted grade ratings after the independent inspections for a purchase.

Many Japanese firms provide exceptional services to help distant buyers enjoy such used car auctions. It can be for sourcing a car, placing bids on behalf of a buyer, and easing the vehicle’s shipping.

Auctioneers can advise the sellers about when to stop the auction. Anything unexpected can happen during the bidding. If a seller would not find the prices going further than the reserved one, he or she can decide to close the auction at the current bid.

USS is almost like a bid-based e-commerce platform using which people can sell and buy cars. They charge ¥25,000 ($227) both with a buyer and seller as a commission fee after closing a deal on any vehicle.

However, maximum they can charge around ¥50,000 ($454) for cars like Lamborghini Murcielago or Nissan Cube. Buyers can benefit from ‘cheap corner’, an area where they charge only ¥9,000 ($81) as a commission for every car.

Bottom Line

It is an all different feeling to take part in such bidding with possibilities beyond expectations. Be well prepared before participating in it since a buyer’s mind can be confused about what to pick from myriads of choices.

There are many Japanese Used Car, trucks buses, and farm tractors in all Japanese market.

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