Toyota Granvia Review

Granvia is a RWD minivan having 3 rows of seats. It was launched on 1995. The first generation model comprises a passenger compartment and sliding door. The vehicle is available in two engine types 3 liter turbodiesel and 2.7 liter 4-cylinder gasoline

In 1997, the model was launched with an update having 3.4 liters of 6-cylinder V-engine. The minivan is based on Toyota HiAce as micro AW tobusa. Petrol model had rear-wheel drive function and diesel version comprises self-locking center differential with a permanent all-wheel drive.

Many trim levels are available in Granvia, the top most posses a navigation system, separate climate control function for both rear and front passengers, seat adjustment, and more.

The first generation models are having seating arrangements for 7-8 people in the passenger compartment and a sliding door. With the 1997’s major update, changes have been performed in both interior and exterior. Instrument panel have been improved a lot.

To enhance the level of comfort the body has been increased a bit. The newer models comes with 3 liter and 3.4 liter turbo diesel engine, sliding doors, 4WD system, and better closure mechanism on the rear doors.

It is very spacious, so passengers can sit well on its comfortable seats. Natural leather is used to decorate the interiors of the minivan. Its exterior is inspired by Mitsubishi Delica Space Gear like flattened grille, narrow headlights, and sloping front.

Electric side curtain, ABS brakes, all-wheel drive transmission, turbodiesel, rich equipment, and fairly large interior space. Center of gravity is high and suspension is soft. Engine traction is superb at almost all the speed range.

Full-sized family hauler. Turbo-diesel engine of 2.8 liter is exclusively provided on it with an automatic transmission of up to six-speeds. Premium and good-looking minivan. Full of tech and safer to move around in a futuristic looking vehicle.

The makers have used their tried and tested four-cylinder 2.8 liter turbo diesel similar to that of Hiace and Hilux. It generates 450Nm of torque and 230kW of power when mixed with the automatic six-speed transmission generates much power for the rear wheels while being quiet and composed.

Generates enough power even at lower revs. It consumes about 8 liters to cover 100 kilometers. Granvia offer Smooth driving experience and sharp handling but without the feeling of a van. Visibility is good due to large windows and higher sitting position.

Lounge chairs by entering through the double sliding doors. In the top model, the front row seats are give much more luxurious feeling since the captain seats are heated and powered, woodgrain, and made up of well stitched leather.

The rest rows are loaded with standard leather accented seats and enough room for the passengers that can be extended when moving the seats to the back opening the footrest. The 8-seater version is also quite comfortable even after the fact that it lacks much luggage space.

There are many cup holders and storage compartments designed everywhere on the interiors smartly for the convenience of the passenger. To keep the inside environment fresh and nice a dual zone climate control is provided with sun shades for the rear passengers.

You hardly feel shortage of USB outlets inside the car. A 7- inch touchscreen is provided on the front to control the entertainment system including Android Auto and Apple CarPlay.

The top model costs around $80k and base-level is approximately $67. You can convert the base model to an 8-sseater car by paying $2k extra. All the models are having much safety features, hence it has got 5-star ANCAP rating, and the same engine is used in both the models.

Private buyers will get unlimited kilometers/5-year warranty, however the commercial buyers (comprising rideshare or part-time usage) will get 1,60,000kms/5 years warranty.

Not only for the driver but there are many options even for the passengers hence making the car enjoyable for all. Definitely, it a big car so you need to be well prepared enough to park this mini-van on tight spaces. A diesel tank of 70 liters is provided on the VX model of Granvia.

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