e-POWER SERENA | EV (Electric Vehicle)

Don’t mesmerize with the Looks! What makes the Best Selling Minivan of Japan Smarter?

Right from 2016, the people of Japan are already aware of the term e-Power. It is similar to the halfway hybrid transition of Nissan that makes people try EVs compared to conventional hybrids. The technology is used on two models: the Serena minivan and the compact hatchback Note.

After it, Nissan was all set to introduce this technology internationally. In this post, we will discuss the Serena, the 2nd model of Nissan, to get the e-Power treatment after its success on the Note.

Nissan is always listed among the world’s top car manufacturers due to their continuous efforts and developments. You can find their flagship sports car ruling the tracks for more than a decade.

If we compare it with the other car manufacturers, then Mazda and Honda focus on dominating the fully electric vehicles market. On the other hand, Toyota is known to rule the Hybrid car segment even if they had adopted hydrogen fuel cells.

Serena was already turned out to become the 4th bestselling car of 2018 in Japan and best-selling minivan. The model meets the need of people looking for a multipurpose vehicle with enough space and good fuel consumption of 61 mpg but not too big.


Could you own it?

It is made for the people who prefer three rows of comfortable seating than criticizing its box-type look. Manufacturers have kept its design as a simple minivan having a tall and narrow body with sliding doors.

The model has joined the electric motor setup with the conventional petrol engine. It is not like the ‘Smart Simple Hybrid’ system used in other Serena models. It is an electric car that runs on a 1.2-liter gasoline generator. The combined power output generated by the e-Power system is 2236 lb-ft of torque and 136 horsepower.

An e-Pedal is provided that can automatically engage the brake when the accelerator pedal has been lifted. This function can be overridden with the help of a brake pedal. It produces much-recouping energy due to regenerative braking. It works either in ‘Eco’ or ‘S’ modes and can be turned off by choosing the Drive mode.

Smart use of space from inside with great ergonomics and outer dimensions. It measures 1865 mm tall, 1695 mm wide, & 4685 mm long that suits well to Tokyo’s many parking spaces and narrow roads familiar in Japan. By the way, its design is having external dimensions restricted to meet with the Japanese vehicle class.

The big central display screen works best to see the camera footage. The rear two rows are provided with sliding seats. The captain chairs in the middle, much visibility, and tray tables to get a premium feel like any economic class inside a mid-level airline. It is much convenient to access dual-power sliding doors.



Serena is a simple modern minivan for urban use that could satisfy its users in comfort and refinement. Not overlarge but affordable, reliable, practical, and efficient Japanese vehicle. The e-Power tech can overcome hybrid tech on a large scale.

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