All-New Mercedes S Class: What all Features are loaded in this 2021 Model?

Recently, Mercedes has revealed its 2021 S Class premium sedan that is rumored to be launched anywhere in the middle of this year. The brand is already the first choice and ruling everywhere in this segment.

Now the company is all set to lead its upcoming model with a better infotainment system. There will be advanced safety features, newer techs, multifunction command, and smarter computers. You will be going to enjoy much more level of relaxation and luxury in your every ride.

The list of main features includes reclining executive seats, a giant panoramic sunroof, and massaging seats. It is also worth mentioning rear sun blinds, five entertainment screens, and a longer wheelbase.

There will be active road noise compensation and climate control system with individual zones loaded on this new sedan. There are a 3D 12.3-inch digital instrument display and an OLED tablet-style 12.3-inch infotainment screen at the front.

To ensure proper guidance, discover new routes, and clear vision, digital headlights are more practical. It is designed with an improved head-up display showing real-time moving arrows. It can add up to both co-passenger and driver’s convenience to navigate well and quickly on strange roads.


No Compromise!

The model possess a unique 4D sound system with its seat infotainment system with four individual zones control features. You can travel in the car comfortably and control your in-home facilities from anywhere, anytime. It is possible by using its MBUX software system.

It will possess a chrome applique on the lower parts of both the front and rear bumpers by looking from the outside. There is a central chrome fin on top of the bonnet, larger rear doors, and slim vertical bars on the grille.

The interior looks much classy due to a pleasant ambient lighting system powered up with 253 LEDs. Also, there are matching wood finishes are applied on front seatbacks and rear-center console.

The car features an optional interior assist feature. The cameras are used to track all the movements of the people sitting inside the vehicle. The system will proactively respond by triggering certain functions. For example, the system activates the automatic seatbelt extender for the rear seats to detect the passenger coming near the belt.

Cornering on this Mercedes is super smooth and faster. All thanks to the four-wheel steering and 10 degrees turning of real wheels provided in this car to manure well in a smaller area. There are many highlighted features of this new car from Mercedes. It includes an AR-based heads-up display, Burmester sound system, and rear entertainment screens.


Upgraded Style

The upcoming luxury sedan has an evolutionary design. It is likely to be available in different engine options like petrol, hybrid, and diesel powertrains. The interior ambiance is unmatchable and adds style to a comfortable ride.

Rear seat occupants can enjoy a twin-seat arrangement that will give a feeling of sitting inside an aircraft. There is enough space for rear passengers to stretch out or take advantage of the Chauffer package.

You will feel safer on this sedan due to the presence of active air suspension. It is to ensure a better driving experience and comfortable feelings. The car can sense the impending collision and can lift the vehicle to about 8 centimeters. The makers have provided it as a protection for passengers or to lessen the damage that could happen on the sides of the car.

The new S class model has many possibilities to maintain its dignity in sedan lovers shortly. To know more details or get in-depth information about its features, head on to their official website.

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