2021 Honda Odyssey: How this upcoming MPV will take care of your Hygiene?

“The Latest pandemic has given us a lesson to give importance improve our routine cleanliness habits. Honda has made it possible to open the power slide doors with Gestures.”

Imagine you are giving a lift to others or traveling in someone else car. It is always better to sanitize our hands or car in such case to avoid any harm. Honda has provided a better solution to this that will also be going to save our time. They have introduced a new facelift model of Odyssey in the MPV segment loaded with power slide doors that works without any touch.

Honda has officially revealed a teaser with some details about this new version, with the exteriors giving an overall elegant look to it. The company has also planned to show some functions in this popular Japanese minivan that are new to the market and can be a game-changer. One among them is the provision of power slide doors that will work based on Gesture Control.

Hover your hand from the rear window frame of the car’s body above the sensors over the blue-lit strip on the rear to activate the power slide doors. Other than the “Gesture Control,” there will be a “Hands-free” power tail that could encourage touchless operation.

What are the Striking Facts about this upcoming Japanese MPV?

The new touchless control technology will be a boon for people who hesitate to touch anything outside their home. As Honda provides it, there is no doubt about the quality, and hardly will we see any performance issues with this technology after prolonged use.

It could be a single feature that its marketers can use to increase its number of sales. The upcoming model of Odyssey will also be featuring Honda’s new reservation lock with sliding doors. It is provided to add up to the convenience and safety on the part of users that can lock the sliding doors when they close. Additionally, this single function might lead its popularity to beat its rivals like Toyota Alphard.

Honda will provide EPB (Electronic Parking Brake), the reason they swap out the standard foot brake. The model is also loaded with an all-new floating touchscreen infotainment system of around 10 inches. The sculpted front bumper and angular headlights will sure increase its road presence.

If we look at the exterior design, this MPV seems nearly the same as its previous version of Odyssey but with an updated front grille. This car is looking even classy compared to sporty in the current version, all due to the thinner chrome bars provided on the grille. Honda has shown it in sea black with brown chrome panels.

So, there are possibilities that the new features will gain much attention worldwide. We might see this technology in the list of standard features among MPV and even under other segments from different brands. The days are not far when we do not need to touch the doors to enter or come out of even in an inexpensive vehicle.

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