2019 Toyota Crown: Is it Still a worth Japanese Luxury Cruiser?

Crown is known to be the first Toyota model that was exported and made available for North Americans. After it, the car was continuously in high demand in sales for four generations till Cressida.

Toyota has introduced several new advancements with it. For example, it was Japan’s first car that has got the ‘Toyoglide’ (torque-converter automatic transmission). Its sixth generation was the first turbocharged passenger car from the house of Toyota. Similarly, the model’s eighth-generation was known to be the first Toyota model that has got airbags.

If we list out the oldest models of Toyota’s lineup, we can’t neglect Crown’s right from 1955. It’s much longer than we are started hearing about the Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang. Today the Crown has got much completion from various cars. It includes Toyota’s Land Cruiser, Mercedes-Benz SL, Chevrolet Corvette, and Volkswagen Beetle.

If we dig more into the details, it is a big executive sedan to offer a premium experience. The model fits well for every kind of use. It can be like family cars, cabs, police vehicles, or official purposes like government transportation.

If we look into the History of Crown, then it didn’t always appear as a sedan! Yes, the manufacturers have given many different body shapes to the same title in its long past. Till 2003, it has got a station wagon, then becomes a hardtop coupe, pickup truck, and even a two-door coupe.

In 2012, its 14th generation was introduced with drastic and better changes in the styling. After about six years, i.e., in June 2018, its 15th generation launched to meet future-ready styling and features.

A Brief Look on its Spec’s

The Crown Hybrid weight measures 3858 lbs with 57.38 inches in height, 70.86 inches in width, and 193.30 inches long. Old-school executive luxury based on Toyota’s New Global Architecture platform made for the road trips.

It can be thought of as a sedan version of Alphard in comfort but better in dealing with bumps. It also isolates the cabin from the outside world well due to the provision of an active noise cancellation feature.

Passive and vague steering that feels lighter on hands but lacks feedback. Three different driving modes are provided on it, i.e., Sport, Normal, and Eco. Steering could feel heavier in sports mode.

It came with a big 2JZ inline-six engine of 3.0-liter that consumes much fuel but offers a quick and smooth driving experience. However, you can Crown models available in three different engine choices.

One is the 300 HP V6 3.5 liter gasoline hybrid! Another with 184 HP four-cylinder 2.5 liter gasoline hybrid and third is 245 HP turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol. This post is about the second mid-range 2.5-liter hybrid that can provide an average fuel consumption of around 40 MPH.

Yes, these are the same engine’s standard in different Lexus and Toyota cars available worldwide. Crown is common in Asia’s selected markets but has a significant impact on the sedans segment of North America, Australia, and New Zealand.

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