Nissan Datsun Review

The Nissan Datsun is not a vehicle per se but it is an entire subsidiary under the Nissan name. In the earlier days, Nissan used the name to market some of its cheap cars. There were many brands that had a luxury or a performance subsidiary but no one really had an economical car sub-brand. Nissan was one of the first as it allows the company to upsell its products and then sell a cheaper version under another brand name. The Datsun brand started production in 1931 but the company’s fortunes changed suddenly and then it turned into Nissan’s care. Under the new leadership, Nissan used the Datsun to name its vehicles that were meant for the foreign market. Nissan did this between 1958 and 1986.

Exterior Looks

The Nissan Datsun vehicles did not differ too much from Nissan’s design philosophy. Since the brand was basically as new front for Nissan, the names were changed but everything else remained pretty much the same.

The Nissan Datsun vehicles are known for their simplistic design. The big headlights were a favorite of the brand for quite a while and they kept using them for a long time before they were changed. Later on, the blinking lights were also introduced but they were quickly taken out of commission very quickly. Then the Datsun cars began to branch-off and look different from its parent company.

Interior Cabin

Since the Datsun brand was supposed to be economical and for the cheap customer, a lot of luxury features were not present. The Nissan variants of the same cars had more powerful engines and luxurious interiors. This was the case everywhere else other than the USA, where Nissan didn’t use its name but rather that of the sub-brand to rack up sales.

The Nissan Datsun partnership proved to be really fruitful thanks to the odd American who was beaten up by the WW2 and wanted something to drive. They preferred comfortable interiors, responsive drivetrains and the Nissan Datsun delivered.

Engine Performance

As mentioned, the Nissan Datsun offerings had engines that were economical and they could still eke out respectable performance. That’s why the people of America and other foreign countries loved the Datsun. It was thanks to this factor that a few models became very popular among the enthusiast community. The Nissan 240 is a famous car that was also sold under the Datsun name. The powertrain in this car was a game changer and it really changed the way people viewed the Datsun and Nissan brand names.

The Nissan Datsun remained a respectable part of the business until it was discontinued. Nissan revived the brand not too long ago and it is using the name for the same reasons as it did before. Nissan is doing this to penetrate the automotive markets where buyers are weak and cannot afford to pay for the more premium Nissan vehicles. The Nissan Datsun was also a pickup truck that specifically had that name and it was sold between 2001 and 2002. The truck only had one generation and it was scrapped very soon.

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