Used Toyota CH-R Review

When it comes to a family SUV with a beautiful face, exciting driving dynamics, and comfort, Toyota CH-R is every bit worth the mention. Well, as a brand, Toyota is not often mentioned, as far as the top of the range SUVs is concerned, but this particular model somehow saves their face.

It is a good quality vehicle that is surprisingly comfortable on various roads, especially when negotiating the bends. Handling is quite neat, and the whole driving experience is enjoyable.

Initially, in 2016, the C-HR featured 1.2-liter petrol and a 1.8-liter hybrid engine, both with a satisfying performance. Together with a smooth six-speed manual gearbox featuring a rev-match, the SUV has a sweet ride. The C-HR has a turbocharger that adds to its power. But for some people that have tried other types of vehicles, this Toyota may feel a little underpowered.

Cabin and Tech Features of the C-HR

The C-HR space is not something to write home about, mostly because of its sloping shape towards the rear. The rear passenger room and the boot space are not the greatest, but they serve the purpose. It has small windows at the back, and this makes it a bit dark there. The children may not like the ride at all if they cannot see outside well.

The infotainment system is not also the best, with a low-resolution screen and menus that aren’t intuitive. You will also miss out on smartphone mirroring, a feature that has become standard with most of the latest SUVs. Luckily, the DAB radio is standard with C-HR. Otherwise, it would have been terrible.

Meanwhile, the 1.8-liter hybrid ticks all the right boxes for people looking for an SUV that leverages technology to enhance the driving experience. The model effectively sends the power to the wheel through a CVT gearbox, and for its size, the C-HR is quite economical.

The model has all the standard equipment you expect from an SUV in its class to make the ride much more comfortable. The C-HR boasts safety technology that is every bit beyond the expectation of most, and that’s a great thing. You will find automatic high beam headlights, lane departure warning, automatic¬† emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control. Most of its competitors do not have all these techs as standard.

The standard Icon trim features include automatic wipers and lights, 17-inch alloy wheels, and dual-zone climate control. On the other hand, Excel trim adds heated front seats with partial leather covering, keyless entry, 18-inch alloy wheels, and sat-nav. Dynamic is exclusive for folks with a more refined taste for luxury.

The more luxurious model boasts everything, including metallic paint, LED headlights, and exclusive 18in alloy wheels.


The 2019 C-HR improvements included a new styling on the rear end, a brand new front bumper design, and a revised dashboard design. The multimedia system was beefed up to offer Android Auto and Apple CarPlay as standard on all models. It dropped the 1.2-liter engine and added a 2.0-liter hybrid to sit above the 1.8L hybrid.

Other improvements include the suspension tweaks and enhanced steering to handle the additional engine weight.

The Cost of Owning C-HR

The 1.2L manual is pocket-friendly, and you should get a good quality unit with an average mileage from a reliable dealer. On the other hand, the hybrid version is a bit more expensive, and expectedly so.

It is easy to get a C-HR because most Toyota dealers have them in their stock. The good thing is that you can pick the best one among them. Your options are not limited when it comes to C-HRs.

The C-HR does not have a diesel engine, and this might not be pleasing for some people. However, the turbocharged 1.2L petrol fills this gap relatively well. The model has an average of 47.1mpg. The hybrid betters this figure by 74.3mpg, based on the old NEDC measures and 58.8mpg for the newer WLTP.

It is 54.3mpg for the newer 2.0 hybrid under the WLTP tests, which is even better.

When it comes to servicing, most Toyota dealers have a flexible plan tailored to your need, and it is not that expensive. Furthermore, you do not have to go very far to find a professional technician who can handle it according to your needs, thanks to the brand’s popularity.

Final Word

While it is easy to get a great C-HR, you should check a few things, such as the bumper. Some users have complained of a cracked windscreen, and it is good to check on it as well. Check starting from the edge of the top and then move downwards. Overall, the reliability of the C-HR is not something to worry about. Most users are satisfied with the model.

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