Mitsubishi Super Great: The Big Truck with Heavy Performance

When we talk about big trucks, one of the most important considerations is reliability. Whether you are in retail delivery or transport logistics, you can be sure that your truck will make it to the job site on time if it’s a Mitsubishi Super Great first launched in 1996. Coming from Japan, both the latest versions, the Super Great FP-R and FV-Are, can pull trailers with whatever you want to carry. You may use them to pull containers with a trailer, construction materials like concrete sewer pipes, and even bulldozers or tanks.

If you want something big like a tractor-trailer, then Mitsubishi Super Great is a sure thing to choose. Here is a review that can help you make an informed decision.


As far as design is concerned, there are a few curves and creases here and there, probably because it is a cab-forward truck and not a conventional truck with hood. It is a locomotive unit in which the cab is seated on top of the engine. The basic frame is almost the same as it was around 37 years ago, but with improved metallurgy and technology. The truck is robust and can withstand lots of vibrations and shocks. It has a tilted plate at the back that becomes a coupler to mate with almost any trailer.

FP-R is smaller than the FV-R. FP-R is a 6-wheeler truck that has 4 wheels, but the 2 rear drive wheels have 2 tires each. On the other hand, FV-R is a 10-wheeler truck with 6×4 drive train. This means it has 4 rear drive wheels have 2 tires each. Rear wheels in the FV-R can be locked to drive together, but that may make turning a little harder. The Mitsubishi logo can be seen all over the truck, with several parts having German origin. However, only the trucks manufactured in Japan feature a diamond star.

Engine and Performance

Mitsubishi Super Great has a 12-liter OM457 straight-6 turbodiesel engine from Mercedes. The AdBlue ECS gives it a rating for Euro-5 emissions, and it is available in two different tune states, depending on the model you choose. The FP-R variant produces 1900 rpm with 401 PS, along with 2000 nm of torque at 1100 rpm. The bigger FV-R produces 2200 Nm of torque and 455 PS.

The Cabin

Super Great has a tall cab, which you can climb by positioning your feet and grabbing the handles well to pull your body up. Once you sit on the driver’s seat, your eyes will be around 10 feet above the ground. You get a commanding view out of the windows, and there are lots of auxiliary convex mirrors to help you navigate.

When you scan around the truck’s cabin, you will soon realize that it’s pretty complicated machinery. It has a nearly horizontal, massive steering wheel. It has a modern and clean gauge cluster, which includes an AdBlue meter, green power-band indicator, and a multi-info display. Besides these, there are lots of buttons and auxiliary controls.

Gearbox and Transmission

One major difference you will note is the absence of a manual gearbox, as Mitsubishi Super Great is the one that features an AMT or automated manual transmission system. The gearbox is also from Mercedes-Benz with 12 speeds. As far as safety is concerned, the truck features anti-lock brakes, anti-slip regulation, and hill start assist. The air brake systems given to this truck are extremely safe and powerful.


Despite being a large size utilitarian truck, Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great is extremely comfortable. The driver’s seat has an air-suspension system, which is ideal for a vehicle that bounces a lot. The cabin is driver-centric with a cockpit-like look and feel. Everything is placed within easy reach. The air-conditioning is a desirable treat. There is also a bunk behind, where the driver and the assistants can switch duties and take rests on long drives.

Updated Features

All the models available in the line are like by people around the world. The company keeps upgrading it to make it better in terms of performance and strength. The latest models are equipped with varied equipment to increase performance and enhance safety. The updated features not only make the truck more efficient but also make controlling and driving easy. Moreover, they have an emergency braking warning system, along with the new rear fairing. The latest versions are more fuel-efficient than the earlier models and have higher aerodynamic features.

Overall, Mitsubishi Fuso Super Great is a line of heavy-duty, durable, commercial trucks manufactured by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation, one of the most reputed manufacturing companies in the automobile industry. The big-size truck models are extremely durable and reliable and can carry huge amounts of load even in rough conditions. All in all, it is a high-quality truck suitable for big business with several features that set it apart from its competitors.

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