Toyota Dyna Review

Cab over truck of Medium-duty. There is a twin version of this model known as Toyoace, sold with Dyna in Japan. The model was also sold by the Japanese name: Hino Dutro and Diahatsu Delta.

Formerly, Dyna was available only on Toyota Diesel Store outlets in Japan. Later, the model can be found also at Toyota Store locations, on the other side Toyoace twin was ready to sell at Toyopet Store.

There are many models under Toyota’s Dyna series released in the past years with many changes to enhance its fuel economy and power. It is highly preferred as a transport vehicle both by industrial and commercial workers.

The production was started in 1959 and the model uses the Toyota R platform till 1968, Later, from 1968 to present it is based on Toyota U platform. You can find either four-wheel-drive with front-engine or rear-wheel-drive with front engine option.

Its models are categorized into different body styles as 2-door wide cab, 2-door standard cab, 5-door van, and 4-door crew cab. Hino Ranger 2/3 is also the name of the same model. Usually designed for commercial use. It is a short term of ‘Dynamic’.

The current and seventh generation of the truck is inspired by 2001’s model. It was based on 5-speed manual transmission with engine displacement of 4.9 and 3 Liters. The main features of the 2001 Toyota Dyna includes a cassette/radio player including two speakers, power steering, and a cloth trim. At that time the model is also known to have anti-lock braking system, air conditioning, and power windows.

In its 2002 update the truck is made to get more durability and rugged performance. The truck was having fuel capability of 60 liters with diesel fuel engine displacements of 4.9L, 4.6L, and 3L. Comes in 5-spped MT or AT. An engine immobilizer and a central locking system has been used as one among its different safety features to avoid theft activities.

In 2003, the truck is produced in different Diesel engine displacements i.e. from 3L – 5.3 L and have made it to possess long-lasting and tough performance. There are many heavy duty applications of this model both with its MT and AT versions. The notable features includes a spare tire, power windows, roof carrier(in some models), and airbags. It is very comfortable to ride and fit to handle myriad of tasks.

In 2004, the updated model with 5-speed MT or AT is available with Diesel engine displacement in between 2L and 5.3L made to deliver top-notch performance and possess ample strength. The model includes all the basic features including a spare tire with wheel and jack spanner as per availability.

In 2005, a heavy-duty and solid version of the Dyna truck was released having much features and their capacity to transfer huge amounts of cargo comfortably. You can complete your tasks efficiently by choosing the right Diesel engine displacement from among 2L and 4.9L. It also consists of basic features with anti-lock braking system, a rear heater system (not all models), driver’s side airbags, and power mirrors and windows.

In 2006 update, the truck is made to possess both stability and strength with its range of models having engine displacement among 2L and 4.9L. The model comes with a compartment to replace the standard radio system with a high-end entertainment system in addition to other basic and safety features.

The 2007’s model comes with a 2.7L gasoline engine that produces 151 horsepower and much improvements in their Diesel engine counterparts. A sturdy mini-truck available either in Mt or AT in 3-seater, 2-door version. With 2008’s update and different engine displacements i.e. 4L, 3L, and 2L the truck is made to last longer with a good combination of performance and power.

In 2009, the makers have only released the model in two engine displacement versions i.e. 4L and 3L on its common aerodynamic and iconic design. Similarly, in 2010 the model is updated to maintain its market expectations in terms of reliability, dependability, and sturdiness.

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