Toyota Coaster Review

It is a Commercial vehicle, or Minibus from Toyota Motor Corporation and was sold in different nations all over the world. Coaster is a popular transport commuter of Tanzania with a name as Daladala and mainly used for private driving like tour operations and wedding occasions. It is a Multi-use vehicle and can be used for public or executive transport.

Its production has been started in 1969 and the model is still in production. Coaster is well known for leisure ride. The vehicle has a large sitting capacity of 29 people both the interior and exteriors of the bus are fantastic.

There is enough space for the passengers inside with a pair of seats at right row and single seats row at the left. Ride is very comfortable in it due to the presence of many features inside it like automatic doors, power steering, AC, airbags and more.

In 1982, the 2nd generation of the vehicle was released. In 1993, they have revised the model with some updates and became its 3rd generation. Later in 2001 and 2007, its face-lifts versions have been launched to give ti more contemporary look

In the end of 2016, the 4th and current generation of the Tpyota Coaster was released. Toyota has done a great job to make this vehicle relaxing to travel for passenger as well as fun to drive for the driver.

It comprises Vinyl seats, plenty of headspaces, 3-point seat belt ment for the safety of every passenger, and pocket storage behind every seat. AM/FM radio, four speakers, the newer models also comprise MP3 and CD outlets

If we talk about the exterior then it comprises a hydraulic door, exemplary body trims, a medium step for the ease of passengers, a good level of ground clearance, wide windshield for more outward visibility.

Spacious windows for passengers is to not make them feel clostofobic at the same time they can get entertain with the outside views. The engine generates huge power. Fuel tank is of 95 liter. Some models possess a turbo diesel engine of 6 cylinders while other variants are having a diesel injection engine having 4 cylinders

It can be sued for both public and private transportation business. Average fuel economy is of 7.7 km/l. Available in both manual and automatic transmission versions with turbo and non-turbo-turbo engine. The price can vary between $8k and $6.3k as per the engine, year of manufacture, condition of the vehicle, trim level, and generation

Some body parts of the Coaster are much expensive especially related to that of transmission and engine, whereas some body parts are reasonable. The price also depends on ease of availability of the bus and its components in the market of a country.

By the way, Toyota is a well-known brand and has a bigger market in the world. Additionally, there are many e-commerce vendors providing spares and body parts of such vehicle easily to be ordered online directly to our doorsteps.

The model is also recognized as Wanli Toyota Coaster (JV, China) and Hino Liesse II(from 1996). The body style is based on a single-decker minibus. In Japan, the model is available to buy only at the dealership putlets of the Toyota Store.

A mix of black and silver finish at the exteriors can give the vehicle premium looks. It could be available either in four-wheel drive/rear-wheel drive, or front-wheel drive options.

The engine capacity ranges from 2.0L 5R 14 in Petrol to 4.2 L 1HZ I6/1HD turbo-diesel I6 including many other various in between in petrol dn diesel categories and an LPG variant i.e. 4.1 L 1BZ-FPE I4. The overall dimensions of the bus are 102.4 inches x 78.7 inches x 244.1-304.1 inches) as per its (height x width x length) respectively.

An interesting fact about Toyota coaster is that the vehicle is also known for motor home conversions. By removing the passenger seats and adding the water tanks, TV, beds, kitchens, annexes, sink, and other fixtures retired roller coasters can be converted to a portable home.

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