Nissan Condor Review

The Nissan Condor is a medium to heavy weight truck that is used in the transport industry. It is the favorite of truckers around the world but it has earned a special place in the eastern Asian area. Moreover, it has made a respectable reputation in Australia. The commercial truck has been in production since 1975. The current generation came out in 2017 and the legacy is continuing. The Condor was initially made by Nissan but the Nissan Diesel company that made the truck was changed to UD Trucks. Nevertheless, the truck is known as a Nissan Condor rather than a UD Condor. More people prefer to give it this name because the commercial vehicle is pretty old and it carries the legacy of Nissan forward.

Exterior Looks

The Nissan Condor is known for practicality. It has a decent height so the driver can board the vehicle easily and also be able to control the truck in high speeds. If the height would have been high, the aerodynamic capabilities of the vehicle would have been compromised, leading to reduced stability at higher speeds.

The commercial vehicle has changed forms a few times over the years, with each generation improving on the last to bring the most attractive design forward. The first two generation resembled each other a lot. Moreover, the Condor of the earlier years had a striking resemblance with some of Mazda’s trucks.

Since Toyota did not delve into this side of the industry, Nissan Diesel had an unrivalled reputation and it still does.

Interior Cabin

The cabin in a commercial heavy-duty vehicle is small and it has only space for two people and at max three people. The gear knob and the handbrake are therefore placed expertly so that if a third passenger decides to tag along, there is place for him to sit. Moreover, the cabin has a very simple dashboard. There are not many buttons or knobs, and there are certainly no extra gadgets to distract the driver. Many users install a stereo player inside the truck but that is an extra option and the company does not include that, keeping safety in mind.

The Nissan Condor does not have an extra bed in the truck, that many truckers use for long-haul drives. Therefore, if you are buying the truck with the intention to take it on a cross country trip, then you must prepare for your accommodation.

Engine Dynamics

The Nissan Diesel, as the name suggest made trucks that had diesel engines inside. These powertrains were so popular and so powerful that many Asian consumers did not prefer anything else over the Nissan Condor. The Japanese manufacturer offers around fourteen engine options on the Nissan Condor depending on the user specifications the drivetrain is installed. The roster includes some inline-6, V6, and V8 engines. Many of them have a turbocharger added for extra power. The turbodiesel V6 is a clear favorite of many buyers. They prefer the strong response of the drivetrain.

The Nissan Condor is still available in the market but by the UD name and not by its original name.

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