Nissan Civilian Review

The Nissan Civilian is a small-sized bus made by the famous Japanese automaker. The minibus has been in production since early 1971 and up till now, it has been well received by the general public. The bus is used for commuting, for parties, or for general inter-city and intra-city travel. Nissan made the Civilian to compete against the Toyota Coaster, Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa, and Isuzu Journey.

The Nissan Civilian can house up to 26 passengers. It came in place of the Nissan Echo.

Exterior Looks

A minibus is not the center of attention on the road. Such attention goes to exotic cars and other exciting vehicles. For a transport vehicle, it is important that all the passengers sit comfortably and that the bus still has some space to hold cargo.

The Civilian looks like a bus and that’s what it is supposed to look like. It seems Nissan has not made any effort to improve the design as it works very well. A few improvements here and there are enough to attract the buyer. When it comes to buses, it is usually interior upgrades and engine upgrades that make the most sense. Therefore, the interior has to be up to date and luxurious so that people choose the Civilian over its competitors. Nissan obviously managed that, which is why the Civilian is in production today and it sells in many countries across the globe.

Interior Cabin

The Nissan Civilian has a spacious and decent interior. The entry steps are carefully placed so that people can board and leave the bus with ease. Inside, the driver sits with the passengers. It is a minibus so you won’t see the driver separated from the rest of the crowd, as is common in a full-sized bus.

The Nissan Civilian has a comfortable set of seats that are covered in fabric. The earlier models did not have air-conditioning but then in the latter variants, Nissan introduced the system to keep their demand relevant. The people certainly appreciated this move. The current generation has a/c in all the models. Moreover, there is an automatic door facility that allows the driver to control the door remotely from his seat.

 Engine Performance

Only a huge engine has the power to pull such weight and even then, a diesel engine will be the most sufficient and practical. Therefore, Nissan offered some of its large-sized diesels in the Civilian. A gasoline engine is also offered but that is not very common among Civilian owners. They prefer the more powerful diesel powertrain, which has immense amounts of torque. And then for the more adventurous customer, Nissan offers the turbodiesel option. You can use this engine to go faster and carry more weight. The turbo engine choice is also perfect for buyers who want to drive in hilly areas or in mountainous regions.

The current model has the best specification out of the lot. The latest Nissan Civilian has earned critical acclaim from consumers and it continues to impress even after many decades in production.

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