The Good Minibus Mitsubishi Rosa We All Know

Mitsubishi Rosa is a Japanese minibus officially launched by Mitsubishi Fuso Truck & Bus Corporation in 1960. Being a Japanese market, it was initially targeted for the Japanese market only. But now that it is in its 4th generation, it is available across the globe, including Asia-Pacific, Jamaica, South America, Africa, and Mid-East. It is available in three body structures, including long body, short body, and super-long body.

For the driver and the passengers, it is an optimum package of care, joy, comfort, and confidence. Despite delivering outstanding performance and excellent features, it is available in the market at a relatively reasonable price. Here is a review of this familiar face of buses on roads.

Safety Comes First

All three Rosa models come with an electronic stability program, passenger air-bag, driver air-bag, anti-skid disc brakes, height-adjustable LED headlamps, reversing cameras, advanced emergency braking system, and lane-departure warning system.

Advanced Emergency Braking System or AEBS is a sensor system that identifies and helps in avoiding collisions with both stationary and moving objects. Lane Departure Warning System or LDWS is also given as a standard feature in all Rosa models. If you unintentionally depart your lane, it alerts you, thereby helping to minimize crashes.

Engine and Transmission

All the Mitsubishi Rosa models are equipped with a 3.0-litre 4P10 engine along with Euro 6 emissions standards. The engine has high power of 129kW at 3,500rpm, along with a torque of 430Nm. Selective Catalytic Reduction and Diesel Particulate Filter work together to give the bus its Euro 6 standards.

The engine is also equipped with EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation), VGR (Variable Geometry Turbocharger), and common-rail fuel injection. Although the engine is lighter and smaller than the previous model, it gives out more power and torque. One of the most attractive features of this engine is its low cabin noise even when you are driving on a freeway at the speed of 62mph.

Fuso features Duonic automated manual transmission system with six gears. You can simply put the bus into drive and it will take care of the rest, as the automatic gear system knows what it exactly needs to do. The dual-clutch transmission system also helps in improving fuel efficiency and giving smother and quicker gear shifts.

Performance and Operation

Driver’s visibility is excellent, and the mirrors work well to enhance vision. The left-hand side of the bus has a 3-mirror system, along with a front-mount mirror for blind spots that assists the drivers to view pedestrians and while parking. There is a larger side-vision mirror with a higher blind spot mirror. The headlight system has a 5-stage adjustment function, with which you may change the position of the headlights to suit the driving conditions.

Interiors and Infotainment

One thing that you would love about Mitsubishi Rosa is its dashboard, which it quite sleek and modern. Some standout features include a dash-mounted gear shifter, touchscreen display, aircon function controls, and round dash air vents.

The LED display is mounted in clear view of the driver. The aircon functions are easy to read and use, and you may easily understand and navigate them. The dash-mounted gear shifter has two benefits: first is that the driver needs to move less to reach the control, and second is that there is more floor space for the driver to achieve increased comfort and legroom. The hand brake is also positioned to the left of the driver’s seat, again enhancing driver comfort and accessibility.

Passenger Comfort

In addition to the driver, the Mitsubishi Rosa provides great accessibility to the passengers as well. It has a flat floor design, which helps ease of access and movement to disabled and elderly passengers. If you wish to install an aftermarket wheelchair lift, such a design allows that easily. The handles are easy to grab while exiting or entering the bus, another great feature for passengers with restricted movement.

The improved LED passenger lights in Rosa keep passengers easy, comfortable, and visible. The exit and entry door is placed forward behind a seat. It has a flat deck to easily walk on. The driver may monitor passengers to maintain control and safety, thanks to the vehicle’s forward door position. There is a step lamp that keeps the exit and entry passage illuminated during the night.

Optional Equipment

The standard features mentioned above are available in all Mitsubishi Rosa models. However, there are a lot of optional features as well, including a 2×2 seating arrangement, passenger seat belts, rear-seat fold-down option, ashtray, luggage rack, ceiling grab rail, digital clock, engine dust protection, and protection bars.

The major takeaway of Mitsubishi Rosa is the safety features installed in it. The new Rosa has received a variety of updates and changes that are meant to give ultimate comfort and convenience to the driver and the passengers. When you invest in it, you get peace of mind that your money is spent well.

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