Nissan Caravan Review

The Caravan is to Nissan what the Hiace is to Toyota. The commercial van is one of the Japanese brand’s famous vehicles. It has been around since 1973 and it is still part of Nissan’s current offerings. The Nissan Caravan was also sold as the Nissan Horny in the 60s but that model joined in with the Caravan and they both carried out from there. If carrying cargo or fleet work is your job then this vehicle is the perfect choice for you. The Caravan is a mix of durability, practicality and fuel-efficiency. The van is so comfortable that the world is still in awe of its excellence.


The first vehicle to come under the Carvan nameplate was a small van with five doors. The front two doors for the driver and passenger. The two sliding doors on the sides for the rear passengers and a folding door at the back. The van was not the most beautiful around but it’s practicality and cheap price made it a fan favorite.

The second generation had a facelift and a few improvements were introduced but these upgrades were very few in terms of design. The light van looked pretty much the same from last year. However, a comprehensive redesign meant that the next generation Caravan looked much better and more advanced than its older siblings. The cargo van had the same five-doors but streamlined headlights, and bigger taillights for safety.

The fourth generation got a very futuristic upgrade. If you look closely, this generation of the Nissan Caravan resembles the Toyota Hiace. In this model, the head room has been increased to accommodate tall passengers. The latest generation has a very unique and aerodynamic style design, with a sloping windscreen. The van looks a lot bulkier in this generation. It looks like it means business.


In the former generations, you won’t find much in terms of interior luxury. You won’t find an entertainment system or even a/c but in the consequent generation the story changed. By the third and fourth generation, technological advanced meant that the Nissan Caravan got a nice a/c system, a stereo system and better more comfortable seats for long distance traveling.

It is in the latest generation that you will find the most advanced gadgets and tech. The fifth generation Caravan has a cockpit style dash and a nicely decorate interior to make the passengers feel at home.

Engine Performance

Nissan brought the Caravan with two gasoline engines and a diesel variant. The 2.2 diesel was very popular in its time, but with rising fuel prices, the people’s choice shifted and Nissan followed. By the next generation, Nissan increased the number of engine offerings and doubled them. Now, a smaller turbodiesel was offered and larger gasoline powertrains were an option.

In the third generation, the engine roster was further enhanced to include a healthy range of drivetrains. The diesel variants were also made exciting. But with emission standards coming, Nissan reduced the diesel engines to just two. The latest generation is offered in only a single diesel model and two gasoline models. It is like the Nissan Caravan came back to its roots in the sixth generation.

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