Mitsubishi Pajero: A Classic in Its Twilight Years

Mitsubishi Pajero has been a fixture for rural areas since the early 1980s. It is a full-size utility vehicle from Mitsubishi, which got its name from the Pampas cat, Leopardus Pajeros. Having earned respect in rally, it is known to win Dakar Rally twelve times, for which the company built a Guinness World Record that still remains unbeaten. Besides that, Pajero is one of the Mitsubishi models that have an off-road-oriented, heavy-duty, Super-Select, 4WD system.

Despite its legacy and success, Mitsubishi Pajero GLS launched in 2020 is perhaps the last model you will ever see. Due to dropping sales figures, the company has decided to discontinue Pajero in 2021 and shift its focus on the market of crossovers. Still, here is a review of Mitsubishi Pajero that can give you an idea of its four generations, due to which it has managed to earn its icon status.

Engine and Performance

In the 2020 Pajero model, the Exceed variant has been dropped and the range is left with GLX and GLS models only. There are no changes in the powertrain, which means it now features a 3.2 litre 4-cylinder turbo diesel engine that delivers 141kW with 3800rpm and 441Nm with 2000rpm. It comes with only one transmission system option, a 5-speed automatic system that powers the 4-wheel drive system of the Super Select II. It delivers fuel efficiency of 62 miles per 9.1 litres.

The 5-speed automatic transmission system responds well to the driver’s inputs, so you don’t need to hunt for gears and swap unnecessarily. Unlike most other recreational 4×4 vehicles, Pajero has an independent suspension system. As a result, it delivers a stable and settled feel over small hiccups on the roads. Ride quality is favourable on open roads. It absorbs jagged surfaces of rural roads that does not shock or jar the passengers.

Body and Comfort

Pajero has a monocoque chassis of the integral frame, that you won’t find in most 4×4 vehicles using a ladder frame. Able to handle off-road driving while still maintaining passenger comfort, it is a sizeable 4-wheel drive that is a pleasure to ride. The engine is smooth and mute, however, you may feel a little diesel soundtrack under heavy load and rough road conditions.

Towing Capacity

As far as towing is concerned, which is one of the primary considerations for Pajero buyers, it claims a maximum tow rating of 6600 pounds. However, remember, up to 5500 pounds, Pajero has a ball limit of 550 pounds, but at 6600 pounds, its ball limit reduces to 400 pounds.


The latest Pajero model looks classy in the interiors. The dashboard is made up of a single massive tombstone made of black plastic. Although it does not look like a premium luxury product, it can easily survive scuffs, spills, dust, moisture, and dirt. It has a 7 inches touchscreen infotainment system with features like smartphone mirroring, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, DAB+ Radio, etc. However, the instruments are analogue ones without any digital displays. The LCD display placed in the centre offers info like fuel monitoring, temperature, time, barometric pressure, and others.

All in all, Pajero is a name for convenience and comfort. It covers features like rear booster controls, single-zone climate control, power windows, Bluetooth connectivity, and overhead ventilation for all three seat rows. Other notable features include heated front seats, self-dimming interior mirror, remote central locking, key start, HID headlights, auto wipers, and auto lights. You can stow the last seat row flat into the boot floor to accommodate your grocery bags.

The seat upholstery is made up of leather, the steering wheel and gear knob are also wrapped in leather, and there is a cup holder in the rear armrest. The rear seat is fully folding while the rear seat can be split.


For safety, Mitsubishi provides ABS brakes, stability and traction control, 6 airbags, 2 ISOFIX child seat mounts, and 3 top tether mounts. Traveling noise is minimum, road intrusion and engine are well-managed, and the vehicle offers efficient aerodynamics.

If you are seeking simplicity, then Mitsubishi Pajero offers a basic range of features that can staunch the traditionalists. When the GLS model comforts on the road, it feels like a past generation 4×4 with some of the advanced level desired features. The Super Select II 4×4 system accommodates both off and on-road use with easy shift-on-the-go.

Even with all the great features, no car model can run in production forever. Having a legacy of several decades, it’s now time to wind up its manufacturing for Mitsubishi. With a hard-won reputation across the globe, Pajero has toured across from corner to corner comfortably and reliably. If you do not get swayed with bells and whistles, Mitsubishi Pajero is just your thing. It’s now ready to bid goodbye, but whatever you throw at it, it will keep coming back for more.

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