4×4 Turbo Diesel Mitsubishi Delica Van: Is it capable of traveling over Treacherous Terrain?

An adventure-ready, off-road-spec, and lifted Mitsubishi Delica from the 1990s can beat 4Runner, G-Wagen, or Land Rover! Yes, it is possible when it is about exploring or Overlanding into different terrains of your choice.

It can be like Brazil’s tropical rain forest, Alaska’s snowcapped mountain ranges, Kenya’s jungle safari, and more on the list! Later we will discuss a real-life example of the same.

The production of Delica was started by Mitsubishi back in 1968 and was intended to be used as delivery vans, commercial pickup trucks. Their models for passengers/consumers were not launched until a decade later. Some fans and most journalists were called it a lovechild of the general minivan and Mitsubishi’s Montero/Pajero.

An impressive fact about the car is that it comes with a four-wheel-drive option. Hence Delica can be easily used for off-roading purposes. Not limited to this, it can be converted into a camper inside which you can sleep.

So no doubt, it is the competent JDM Overlanding vehicles in the history of automobiles till now. The best example is its off-road version made after much modifications by the owner ‘Lai,’ based in Taipei, Taiwan.


Modified Offroading Delica Van:

These vehicles lack enough horsepower but include much grip and torque. These are necessary to navigate on any uneven terrain and overcome the obstacles that come in the way. Thus, Lai has used Cooper’s mud terrain beefy tires, stronger axles, and Pro Comp’s 3-inch lift kit to manage such obstacles.

He added a rear-mounted ladder, dual rood racks, and tons of lighting, like adding the on/off switches on the center console. There are even a custom bull bar and a one-off titanium exhaust. Inside the vehicle, he also replaced the stock rear seats with a futon-like bench. These are reclinable and having storage compartments underneath.

Lai has also added a metal rack on Delica’s ceiling. The purpose is to make it capable of storing more even, and there are many more little touches and other trinkets inside the cabin.

An air compressor is there onboard using, which Lai can use a tire inflater or any other air tools of choice whenever needed. After the implication of the 25-year-rule, now it is legal to import a car like Mitsubishi Delica and do the modifications as required and allowed.


What’s the Base Model?

By the way, the model used is 1995’s or fourth-generation Mitsubishi 4×4 Turbo Diesel Delica Star Wagon. The model is also known with different names. E.g., Mitsubishi Space Gear (passenger versions); and Mitsubishi L400 (cargo version in export markets).

The third one is Mitsubishi Starwagon(passenger) or Express(Cargo) in Australia. It is powered by a 4D56 turbo diesel engine of 2.5 liters with a custom titanium exhaust, 4M40 intercooler, and TF035 turbocharger.

The drivetrain is achieved by 5.36 ring & pinion, G2 axles, and 3-speed automatic, including overdrive. Some of the more exciting modifications done on Lai’s van are the Nardi steering wheel, VDO gauges, custom bull bar, and Hella fog lights. You can track him on Instagram, check out some pics, and know more about the car @lai00715.

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