Mitsubishi Canter: The Best Light-Duty Commercial Truck

Mitsubishi Fuso Canter is one of the best-selling trucks from Daimler. Having a diverse and broad range, it starts with a GVW (Gross Vehicle Weight) of 3.5 tons and extends up to 8.55 tons, offering a maximum load capacity of over 6 tons. It is a broad range vehicle for a small truck, and there are around 100 wheelbase and engine variations of Canter available to choose from.


The first generation Mitsubishi Fuso Canter was built and launched in the early 1960s. For several decades, the line went through several tests, developments, and improvements. During construction and development, Mitsubishi ensured that only state-of-the-art technologies were used under expert eyes and hands. Before launching a product in the market, the company subjects its vehicles under extreme tests to ensure performance and reliability.

Today, Mitsubishi Canter is known to be a truck ideal for light-duty commercial use. This product has transformed Mitsubishi Fuso into a leading name in the commercial vehicle segment, especially in Europe and Asia.


Some of the Fuso Canter’s body variations are:

  • Low-floor long body
  • Low-floor standard body
  • Super-low super-long body
  • Super-low floor standard body
  • High-floor semi-long body
  • High-floor standard body
  • High-floor long body
  • High-floor super-long body

Buyers can choose from any of the nine diesel engine types offering varying payload capacities. The latest variations of these intercooled, turbocharged diesel engines are quite powerful and efficient. Newer models have improved features for safety, reliability, comfort, warranty, economy, and functionality. If you buy a recent model, you may expect a comfy cab, spacious interiors, and excellent ergonomics.

The Realized Impact Safety Evolution cab (RISE) delivers optimum safety and chassis structure. Its in-dash gearshift also promises convenience and comfort during operation. It also offers convenient and easy maneuvers to the drivers through its small turning radius.

The newer Mitsubishi Fuso Canter models, the FE83 and FE71, are powered by an intercooled and turbocharged 4D34-2AT5 diesel engine. The FE85 features a power-rich 4D34-2AT4 diesel engine. The FE83 and FE71 models deliver 275 N-m/1,600rpm of maximum torque and 108hp/2,900rpm of maximum power. On the contrary, the FE85’s engine delivers maximum power of 134hp/2,900rpm and maximum torque of 370 N-m/1,600rpm.

The new Mitsubishi Canter features a 6-speed automatic transmission system that ensures smooth shifting and easy driving. Coupled with a powerful engine, it comfortably outguns its competitors. The vehicle features an auto option on its 7.5-ton 4.0 wide single cab, 6.5-ton 3.5 wide single cab, and 7.5-ton wide crew cab models.

Equipment and Driving

All the 4×2 Mitsubishi Canter models have dual airbags and seat belt pretensioners. They have manual gearboxes with a hill-start standard, which prevents the vehicle from rolling away while shuffling pedals up or downhill. You may select the system release speed, which means it comes off slow or fast as per your individual needs. Other features include a map pocket, tough resin headlight lenses, and low-fuel warning light.

Drivers of light trucks will definitely appreciate the impressive turn of the speed light. It accelerates away briskly from street lights, leaves the traffic behind when needed, and there is a lot of pickup when you want to slot into the traffic gaps. The Canter receives impressive zip with its extra grunt feature. It enables you to hang on to the gears for longer before you downshift, thereby saving fuel and removing the need of changing gears every few seconds.

The gearshift is installed in the dash, keeping the floor clear, allowing the driver to slide across when needed. The instrument cluster also features a gear position readout to assist the driver. If you have ever driven an auto transmission vehicle, you will be familiar with this shift system. You may leave it in D and the shifting will take care of itself without your input. Not only the Canter accelerates briskly, but it also stops or slows down impressively, thanks to its powerful exhaust brakes that activate automatically when you lift your foot off the fuel pedal.

One of the most important considerations is fuel efficiency. Canter’s engine is specifically designed to decrease fuel consumption and keep operational costs under control. Minimum emissions protect the environment and front suspension enables better car handling. Canter goes through extensive tests to ensure durable and reliable performance overall.

What Makes Mitsubishi Canter so Likeable?

Cab space is one of the greatest qualities of Mitsubishi Fuso Canter. It provides an extremely comfortable ride to the passengers as well as the driver. It seems that the company kept the driver’s experience in mind while designing the vehicle. While driving, the ergonomically arranged levers and switches can be conveniently accessed and operated. The truck also features a multifunction switch lever that brings together all the functions you frequently use.

The Mitsubishi Canter is one of the ideal trucks for light-duty commercial applications owing to its safety, comfort, functionality, efficiency, and reliability. The powerful combination of auto shifting, powerful engine brakes, and extra performance makes Mitsubishi Fuso Canter an irresistible choice for drivers who need to maneuver through the city traffic frequently.

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