Toyota Harrier

It is amid-size compact crossover SUV of Toyota that is in production from 1997 to present. The name ‘Harrier’ is common in Japan however the same model was rebadged with the title ‘Lexus RX’ in between 1998-2013.

The first generation of Lexus RX was launched on 1997 and is known as XU10. During the 1997-2003, it is known as compact crossover SUV. In 2003, its second generation or XU30 as Mid-sized crossover SUV was debuted together with the export Lexus version.

During the end of 2008, the 3rd generation RX was launched but Harrier was kept unchanged from its 2nd generation. Lexus has debuted in Japan like an independent marque. In 2013, Toyota had updated their Harrier model

The name is inspired by the eastern marsh harrier, a bird and an emblem that shows a stylized profiled bird on the grille. It is also known as Toyota Venza in North America from 2020 to present. Available in two different layouts i.e. four wheel drive with front engine and front wheel drive with front engine.

In 2013, the third generation of XU60 was launched and is in production till 2020. It is available in both petrol and hybrid models. In 2020, XU80 or fourth generation of Toyota Harrier has introduced in the market. It lacks turbocharged engine option that is present on its previous model.

It has done a fantastic job in the field of maintaining almost no NVH (Noise, Vibration, and Harshness). So no doubt Harrier is one among the quietest vehicles to be found on roads since the makers have used a good level of vibration and insulation dampers.

The price varies depending on the condition and make year of the car. So approximately the 1st generation Harrier will be available in between $1700-$4000, 2nd generation among $2400-$5500, and 3rd generation is of approximately $14000. It has a typical car-like body design hence making it more stable during off-roading.

The interior is loaded with almost everything that we can expect in a luxury automobile like sunroof, power windows, comfortable leather seats, locks, and power-adjustable seats.

In terms of the convenience and safety features the car possess rear view camera, GPS navigation, vehicle skid control, multiple airbags, entertainment system for rear seat passengers, multi-information display, and anti-lock brakes.

The engine options comes with either 6 cylinders or 4 cylinders (economical) including 5 or 6 speed automatic transmission as per the model year. Drivetrain is provided in both all-wheel drive (AWD) and front-wheel drive configurations.

V6 engine is used with CVT (constant velocity transmission). The fuel economy of Toyota Harrier lies within 8.8 km/L to 11 km/L considering first generation and 9.1 km/L to 11 km/L by focusing on the second generation.

Toyota Harrier possess a comfortable and spacious cabin with stylish exterior looks. Do not confuse this model with a truly off-roading vehicle. It is known to produce 350 N meters of torque and 227 bhp of power through its 2.0 liter of turbocharged engine. The side profile give resemblance of a military landing craft!

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