Toyota TownAce Truck Review

The TownAce truck is strikingly similar to the LiteAce truck with a slight difference in design that is barely noticeable. Toyota uses the same chassis and largely the same looks between the two models so it is not much difference between the two. The TownAce is one of the most successful commercial trucks made by Toyota and it is still seen on roads today.
Exterior Styling
Toyota manufactured three generations of the TownAce truck, which shows the vehicle’s success as a commercial vehicle. In terms of exterior design, Toyota has not done much. The simplistic looks do not make the pickup an eye-turner, which shifts the focus towards its performance and reliability. The positive aspect is that the TownAce truck has a large bed that can hold tons of cargo. In some models, a cabin can be installed which allows owners to store perishable items and add extra storage capacity with shelves.
Interior Dynamics
The Toyota TownAce is not very comfortable on the inside. The seating position is a bit upright and the seat is not highly adjustable but even then, the comfort levels are good enough to satisfy the daily driver. The TownAce pickup has a smooth steering wheel which makes driving very easy. The more later models have extra features such as air conditioning, four-wheel drive as standard, and an anti-lock braking system. In terms of safety, airbags are also offered. They are not standard but buyers are given the choice to opt for added safety or forego it for a lower purchase price.
Engine and Performance
The Toyota TownAce pickup truck had the 1.8-liter 7K-E gasoline engine, which was later upgraded to the 2.0 liter 3Y-U. Both the engines had inline-4 cylinders that delivered power to either the rear-wheels or to the four-wheel-drive system.
The diesel variants, on the other hand, ran the incredibly potent 2.0 liter 2C powertrain, which was abandoned in favor of the 2.2 liter 3C-E. The latter was the heart of the TownAce truck until it was discontinued in 2004.
The power from both the diesel and gasoline variants went through either a 5-speed manual or an optional 4-speed automatic transmission.
The Toyota TownAce truck was one of the most popular commercial offerings by Toyota. The truck was famous for its potent engine and reliability under heavy load, which is why Toyota not only made record sales domestically but they also exported the truck to other countries. At times the name was changed when the TownAce was introduced in foreign markets but the design and engine performance remained the same.
The TownAce truck can still be found on roads today in places like Africa, South Asia, and Australia. The incredibly practical and dependable truck lives on in the hearts of Toyota fans to this day.

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